There is usually a lot of romance between a couple while their relationship is blossoming or when they are in their courtship phase. Once the relationship is established or after a few years into the marriage, romance disappears and what remain are mere duties and responsibilities. The busy schedules in life, meeting deadlines while handling projects, stress and strain mars romance among couples. Even physical intimacy becomes more of a customary act without any feelings of romance or passion.

Even though you love your spouse, you might hardly express your feelings and emotions to them. In such a situation, writing a love letter can be an interesting way to keep the romance alive in your marriage. Love letters can capture your feelings for your better half beautifully. But, yes writing a love letter is not an easy task for everyone. So, here is some help for you to write a perfect love letter and keep your romance alive.

Make it positive and personal

The first and foremost thing to remember, it should be a handwritten letter. A love letter that is typed on your laptop and printed out, doesn’t hold the same magic and charm as the handwritten one. It is your spouse you are writing to, and it is about your love and relationship that you are going to talk about, so the letter has to be positive. Also, always begin the letter with a personal and special greeting that will sway them right from the moment they start reading it. Same goes for the ending, make it as personal as possible and infuse many words of love in it.

Add the ‘you’ touch

Another way to write lines that reflect your love for your partner is to address them as ‘you’ whenever and wherever possible. For instance, include a few sentences starting with “you are”. Also, let them know, how closely you observe things about them. For example, you can write, “I appreciate the way you teach discipline to our kids” or “It is you, whom I love to see and always want to see in the morning.” You can capture little details and mention them in your letter with all appreciation.

Be specific

Remember to be specific while writing love letters. You can mention the little details that made you feel happy or touched your heart when your spouse did something or said something. Write about the small and sweet gestures of your spouse, whether it is your photo in his or her wallet or your favourite dishes that your spouse cooks for you. In your love letter mention little details that might seem insignificant, but these little words invoke the sensations to keep alive the romance in marriage.

Capture your partner’s personality

While writing the love letters you should mention things that your spouse does and that you like, such as being a good mother or father, performing certain responsibilities, etc. Also talk about things which make his or her personality stand out. These few points in your letter can make your spouse feel that you not only recognise the stereotypical roles that they perform so happily but also love their individuality. It would also boost their self-esteem about the relationship.

Presentation is crucial too

Presenting your letters in a unique and creative way can work wonders. You can write your letters on heart shaped papers or a beautiful sheet made with flowers or some other beautiful paper. You can sprinkle a bit of your spouse’s favourite fragrance on the letter. You can either hide them in your spouse’s personal belongings or present it with a breakfast in bed. You can also deliver the love letters in many fun and interesting ways. You can send it to their office, accompanied with a bouquet of flowers or their favourite chocolates. You can also get the letter delivered along with a special and meaningful gift.