Burning calories to shed weight is the popular weight loss technique of the day. But only after you burn hundreds of calories and complete dozens of workout days, will you stand a chance at any real and permanent weight loss. However, urban living doesn’t leave us with much time for these weight loss pursuits. Before you lose heart, here are some workout secrets that’ll help you get fitter – workout and fitness secrets that’ll let you max your healthy lifestyle and push you through any weight loss plateaus.


Choose the best workout shoes. It is not when your shoes start to look bad that you have to replace them. Generally, shoes start to break down even when they’re looking good. And we don’t want you to invite aches and pains because of them! Go to a well-known sportswear store and consult the sales staff thoroughly about the benefits and uses of each kind of shoe applicable to your activity level and then make a purchase. Go for shoes which are light weight and have a sole that is appropriate to your activity level and kind.

rs_600x600-140117125943-600.Jen-Selter-Pile-Squats.jl.011714_copyGo for the right gym wear. It is very important to understand the significance of wearing the right kind of exercise clothes. Go for shorts, capris and track pants. The shorts you choose should not be too tight. They should fit you well and not restrict any movement while you perform the exercises. The capris or track pants should be blended cotton or 100 % cotton fabric. Pick the right underwear as well.

Keep your workouts interesting. At times, replace your gymming sessions by hitting the road instead. This will give your body that extra edge to push itself out of any comfort zone or plateaus. Wondering how? Research has proved that one tends to burn 10% more calories when you run or walk in the open as compared to in the gym. This is because when you walk/run on ground your body tends to use up more energy in order to push itself.

Swing your arms when walking. You all must have heard how walking is a great daily dose of exercise for you but do you know swinging your arms helps in giving you a much better aerobic workout. It will help in engaging extra muscles, thus leading to faster weight loss. All you need to do is bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle and aim them at swinging across the centre of your body.795bdf94cf9911e2893b22000aa8100d_7

Pre and post workout snacking ideas. Eating right before and after a workout is important for beginners, since workouts tend to exhaust or fatigue first-time exercisers, if they don’t increase their food intake to suit the extra activity. In a way this helps prepare your body for the workout right before it starts and helps it recover, right after the workout is over. A protein or carb snack works best. Look at introducing some high-performing, calorie smart quick workout snacks to help you achieve best fitness results.