Words That Changed People Lives

Jump into the pool

When I was 13 years old, I was trying to teach his six-year sister to dive into the pool with a side. It took a long time because she was very nervous. It was a large public pool, and next to us slowly swim laps woman for 70. Sometimes she stopped and looked at us. Finally, she swam up to us. This happened at a time when I was struggling to get my sister to dive, and she yelled, “But I’m afraid! I’m so scared! “The old woman looked at her, shook his fist in the air and said,” So be afraid! And then do it anyway! ”
This event took place 35 years ago, but I will never forget it. For me it was a revelation – not necessarily be fearless. The main thing – to act, even if you’re afraid.


My mother was dying. A friend told me: “You’ll have the whole life to mourn her – do not do it in front of her.”
His words really helped me to understand that my feelings are not always so important. If you can postpone a tantrum – postponed this skill served me countless times.

Elder brother

I am the eldest of three children. My brother is younger than me for 2 and a half years, and little sister – 9 and a half years.
When I was about 14, I was about something argued with his father, who was the second oldest of eight children. He told me: “Any decision in this house, you take three times. For the first time – for themselves, for the second – for his brother, who would do the same as you, and for the third time – for her sister, who repeated for both of you. Your brother will treat sister just how you feel about it, and your attitude towards it will affect her expectations of others, including those of her future husband. ”
It shook me and forced to rethink the role of the elder brother. Even when you are not actively trying to influence others, those who respects you will still base their decisions on how you acted in similar situations. If you’re broken and angry, they behave the same way when faced with adversity. But if you do not become discouraged in difficult times, it can instill in them self-confidence and hope for the best.


When I was 38, I thought about whether to spend 2 years for the degree in radiography. I was talking with a friend and almost discouraged himself from it. I said, “I’m too old to start. I’ll be 40 when I get a diploma. “My friend replied, “If you do not, you will still be 40, but only a scientific degree you will not.” Now I’m almost 60, and the degree has helped me to overcome the border between the struggle for existence and dignified lives.


One day I was sitting on the bus, and we drove to the railroad tracks. Before we had a few more cars burned a red light, and if the train was going, we would get stuck here. It’s always been some very annoying minutes.
However, until the green, and the bus started without waiting for the train. Phew, the crisis was over. But suddenly I heard behind me the mother said to her young child: “Well, what a pity, today we could not see the train.”
It was a perfect phrase for the situation. Why not just enjoy what you have?

Invaluable lesson

My boss, the director of a small hospital, told me the story of the time when he was still just a laboratory. Dan (let’s call it so) forgot to check some mechanism on the equipment he used, failed, broken equipment, and needed repairs on 250 thousand dollars. The next day the boss called him Dan, and he was sure that he would be fired. However, the boss asked him why he did not do due diligence, convinced that Dan understood the situation, and let him go back to work. Dan was surprised that he was not fired, what the boss said to him: “I just spent 250 thousand dollars to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget. Why do I have to fire you now? ”
This story struck a chord in me. No need to take professional decisions based on emotional impulses. Always remember your main goal when working with someone, and the specific problem you are trying to solve. All people make mistakes. Peace and understanding will help you gain respect.


“You do not have to burn themselves to warm others.”
It was a revelation to me: I grew up in an attempt to mediate in the complex relations of parents and teens are constantly helping friends deal with their emotional crisis. As someone who has spent most of his life in the care of other people’s problems, I was shocked to hear that I should have to keep their borders even in communion with those who really needed help.
teachers around
“Every person you meet knows something you do not know you” – my grandfather told me once. This phrase reminds me every time that I’m surrounded by teachers.

Winnie the Pooh

My psychologist gave me a picture of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet in the forest. It was a quote:
“- Let the Pooh, the tree suddenly falls when we will just below it? – Asked Piglet.
– Let’s assume that will not fall, – said Pooh after some reflection. ”
I think about it every time I think that the situation is on the brink of disaster. This quote helps me to calm down and start thinking rationally.


I met a man in a wheelchair. He said that once he was asked whether it is difficult to be chained to it. His response was: “I am not bound by my stroller – I released her. If it were not for her, I would be bedridden sick and could not leave his room or a house. “