1.  Bobby Pins

Use bobby pins to pull the gray portions beneath the colored ones or the natural ones.

2.  Head Bands

Gray hair always starts appearing from the root side. In such a situation, hide the roots by using accessories such as head bands (preferably broader ones). This option is becoming quite popular, these days.

3. Hair Extensions


If your gray hairs have become very prominent and impossible to hide, use hair extensions that match the color of your strands. Extensions will not only conceal the gray hair, but also add volume and thickness to your existing hair.

4. Curling

You can go for curling. Curling is another best way to cover your gray hair as gray strands can be easily curled and hide at the back side.

5.  Braid

Braid is another technique to hide the imperfections. Braid the gray hair underneath the colored or the natural hairs and all the flaws will be vanished, leaving a shiny and dazzling colored hair for the world to see.

6.  Tinted Mousse

Products, such as tinted mousse, can be used instead of going for root touch-ups. Tinted mousse comes in a variety of colors, and you can pick the one that matches your hair. You can then sculpt hair into the styles you want, without any worries.