What do you think?

1. New Address Action
Tell all of your friends your new address if you are moving to the family house. Don’t forget to send this important information to your bank, employers, press subscriptions as well.

2. Write a review
When experience is still fresh, write memoirs about your honeymoon – good or bad… Be kind to other brides and share your fresh impressions on the place and service. You do remember how importand was to hear a good advice when you were on their place, don’t you?

3. Call Insurance Agent
Include all the precious things from the wedding along with the presents and engagement rings into your homeowner’s insurance list. Figure out what kind of health insurance you will use for the newly created family – yours or husband’s. Make all the needed changes with your HR departments ASAP.

4. Discuss Taxes
Arrange a meeting with your accountant about taxes. Will you pay them together with your man or do it separately? Only the specialist can tell you the right way or give good advices. If you have to make some changes in tax policy after you both said “I do”, accountant will help you solve the problem.

5. Clean the dress
No matter if you will keep the wedding gown or sell it, get it to the cleaning service. If you delay it for days, it will be the hardest to get rid of the stains later. It would be perfect if a friend or your mum brings the dress to cleaners while you are on your romantic vacation. If you have no free friends, do it immediately after returning.

6. Return the Borrowed
If you borrowed something for the wedding ceremony or party from family members and friends, be kind to give the stuff back. Don’t forget to clean the things and include a thank you note.

7. Borrowed Items
Return borrowed items. Friends and family might have been kind enough to lend you certain items for the big day. Now is the time to get them cleaned if needed and returned (with a thank you note!).

8. Copy Marriage Certificate
Make some copies of your main document for today. It will most likely be filed by your officiant, but make a call to registrar’s office to ask if they need you to order a copy and pay for it. This procedure is made differently in every city, so it would be better to check twice. Order a few additional copies for further juridical cases like name changing or bank account issues.

9. Visit Your Friends
Arrange a fun meeting with your best girlfriends. They aided you while you were on the run to your wedding date, so don’t be a bad girl and pay homage to those who always were by your side. And please talk no more about your wedding. Big Day has gone, let them be in the center of attention now.