1. Is that a gun in your pocket?

Pickup lines for girls are nothing new really, after all this famous one-liner from Mae West was first heard in the 1933 movie ‘She Done Him Wrong’. She must have liked it, because she repeated the line the 1978 movie, ‘Sextette’.

2. My cell phone isn’t working

When you want to a guy’s number, play to a man’s noble desire to help a girl. Tell him that there’s something wrong with your cell phone, he’ll ask what’s wrong with it and you can say: “I just can’t find your number in it.”

3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Guys need a bit of pointing in the right direction, sometimes, so try this one if he doesn’t seem to notice you straight away: “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

4. Do these look real to you?

This one’s really going to grab his attention, if you have the front to carry it off! “Do these look real to you?” That should certainly break the ice and get a conversation going.

5. I’m doing a survey

This pickup line is one of the old, cheesy ones, but, hey, you might be able to get away with it: “Hi there. I’m doing a survey. How old are you? What’s your name? Are you single? What’s your telephone number? Are you free next Friday night?”

6. Do you have any raisins?

“Do you have any raisins? No?  How about a date instead?” There’s nothing like a cheesy play on words to break the ice and this one certainly has plenty of cheese! Still, pickup lines aren’t supposed to be too serious, are they?

7. I have low self-esteem

“I have a really low opinion of myself; do you think I’m pretty?” Tug at a guy’s heart strings and he’s sure to respond. There’s only one answer he can give really, isn’t there?

8. I’ll cook you dinner

“I’ll cook you dinner, and I might let you cook me breakfast”. It’s surely is an offer that he can’t refuse, even if you are just playing.

9. Can you spell ‘serendipity’?

“Can you spell the word ‘serendipity’ backwards? No, nor can I, I just wanted to talk to you!” Men being men, he’ll probably give it his best shot, so don’t leave him struggling for too long or you’ll have missed your chance.

10. You remind me of a movie star

When you say “You remind me of a movie star”, you’ll see his eyes light up and he’ll ask: “Which one?” From there you can take your pick of movie stars that might best suit him. Superheroes are always a good bet, if you want to stroke a man’s ego.

What are you favorite pickup lines for girls to use on guys?