Folic Acid commonly known as vitamin B9 is responsible for the development of a foetus and restricting birth defects like spina bifida. Folic acid also helps in formation of new cells. As more and more women undergo unplanned pregnancies, adequate intake of folic acid in the form of supplements and natural foods is recommended by the doctor.

Why Women Need Folic Acid for Pregnancy: The daily requirement for women is 400 micrograms till she gets pregnant, later this dosage increases to 600 micrograms from the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is advised that women who miss on taking folic acid before pregnancy should start taking Vitamin B9 as soon as they get pregnant.

Women can either opt for natural sources of Vitamin B9 or get folic acid tablets from the chemist or healthy food supermarkets. Liver is again a good source of folic acid, though experts recommend avoiding its consumption during pregnancy, as the overdose of Vitamin A can lead to birth defects in babies.

Natural Foods Rich in Vitamin B9

1) Broccoli

2) Cabbage

3) Cauliflower

4) Lentils

6) Papaya

7) Spinach

8) Kiwi fruit

9) Oranges

10) Whole wheat

11) Egg yolk

Folic acid intake shields occurrence of anaemia, congenital heart defects and premature birth in the baby and also keeps skin, nails and hair healthy 

Latest research suggests that high levels of folic acid can cause breast cancer, therefore it is important to monitor your folic acid intake. To prevent over dose of folate consume a maximum level of 1000 micrograms, this parameter is for a healthy person.