I have been with this man for the past five years. At first, all was good. Then, when the “honeymoon” phase ended, he started to be aggressive towards me.

Within the last three years, he has hit me four times, for various reasons. The first time, he beat and tried to choke me. However, he apologized and begged me to stay. Two other times, we fought really bad. The last time, about six months ago, I ended up in a hospital. I said I fell down the stairs.

He always makes up for his abuse. This last time, he promised and swore to stop abusing me, and professed his love multiple times, and he hasn’t lay a finger upon me in the last months. He says it’s only me who make him lose control.

I love him. I hope he won’t relapse, and I pray to God about it every day. But something tells me he will. Should I live in constant fear, expecting another ugly brawl, or leave him right now?