Woman Finds Out She’s Pregnant just HOURS Before Going Into Labour

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In March 2016, Sasha Hood started having stomach cramps.

The unexpected can be the best thing to happen to you.  She took some painkillers and went bed, even getting ready for work the next day. However, when she got home the pain was worse, so she made an appointment with her doctor for the following day.


She explained her symptoms to her doctor

She explained her symptoms to her doctor, who examined Sasha’s stomach and seemed surprised. Sasha was worried at the look, but then? “I was shocked when she said she was referring me to the maternity unit.”

Doctors said she was about 28 to 32 weeks pregnant, making Sasha and Marc all the more baffled that they didn’t know she had been pregnant all this time.

Sasha called her husband Marc.

They had talked about starting a family but not for a few years. Sasha was still on the pill and still getting regular periods. She never noticed a baby bump, but she had experienced some weight gain, though she blamed it on eating out so much.


After the pain eased, doctors sent Sasha home.

After only a few hours, the pain returned and was even worse than before. Sasha took a bath to help ease the pain, but then she ended up on the bathroom floor. She was in agony with the urge to push.

But within a few hours the pains returned with a vengeance. As Sasha cried out in agony, Marc dialled 999.

Marc called paramedics and grabbed towels while telling Sasha help was on the way.

Within 15 minutes, Sasha had given birth. However, the baby wasn’t crying. “It was a frightening moment as Marc and I realized the cord was round the baby’s neck.

“Luckily Marc followed all the instructions from the paramedic on the phone and managed to free Theo. Hearing him finally cry was wonderful.”


As Marc wrapped baby Theo in a blanket, the paramedics arrived.

The couple was completely shocked to suddenly be parents, but Theo was perfectly healthy and almost four days overdue.


They named their baby Theo because it means “gift of God” in Greek.

“Even though we were totally unprepared, we are so happy to have Theo. We both still look back and can’t believe we didn’t know we were having a baby.”

Sasha’s and Marc’s moms had to rush out the night Theo was born to buy baby stuff, since the couple obviously hadn’t had time to prepare.


Now, Sasha and Marc are loving parenthood.

In just one day, they went from finding out they were expecting a baby to being parents. Sasha is sad that she missed out on announcing her pregnancy, ultrasound pictures, a baby shower, feeling the first kick, etc, but she is just thankful Theo is healthy.

“He is absolutely adorable and now we can’t imagine life without him.”