Police say Betsy Langjahr was a runaway in 1973. As of last week, they weren’t sure where she was.
JONESTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania police say a woman they recently linked to decomposing remains found in 1973 is actually alive.
State police recently had an expert craft a forensic bust of the victim, in hopes her appearance might spur leads into the killing.
At a news conference last week, police suggested the body could be a woman named Betsy Langjahr. At the time the body was found, Langjahr was a runaway from a home for troubled youth. As of last week, police weren’t sure where she was.
Now, police have determined she’s still living.
A game warden found the remains on Oct. 9, 1973, under a tarp and branches in Union Township, Lebanon County, near Jonestown. That’s about 90 miles northwest of Philadelphia.
Evidence suggests the victim was 16 to 20 years old.