1. To start with, Nigerian women are generally submissive and will always prefer strong and confident men over those that hint weakness. For this reason, any first date with aNigerian girl should be preceded by necessary preparations. This should involve coming up with different starting lines as well as doing some things to help you relax and remain at ease with yourself during your date.

2. Don’t go overboard in choosing a place to spend your first date. Just choose a comfortable place that perfectly fits into your budget and a Nigerian girl will certainly love it. If you don’t know where to take her, just ask her where she prefers to go. Take whatever answer she gives as a suggestion only, but be the man to make the final decision.

3. For your first formal date, don’t go empty handed. Just get her a small gift. This doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive but enough to show her that you feel something for her. A box of chocolate, her favourite candies and/or flowers will actually do. Just don’t go for a more expensive gift on your first date as your company is already a perfect gift for her.

4. Nigerian girls love getting into relationships that will eventually lead to marriage. In fact, they normally assess different men to single out the one that perfectly fits into the marriage category ( You’re definitely not the only one taking her for a date). For you to pass this test. then your talk has to prove to her that you’re very honest and considerate. Listen to her while she talks and at the same time value her opinions.

5. Unless she’s the one that proposed for the date, you definitely have to pay for it. On the contrary, most Nigerian girls love to play nice and will offer to settle the bill, just don’t accept it unless you want to be viewed as being less of a man. Pay the bill and extend the offer by paying for a taxi to take her home after the date.

6. Don’t make the first date long. In fact, you might end up ruining things if you stay on your first date with a girl for too long. Let it last for dinner and after that fake an excuse to leave. Just come up with an excuse like ‘ am meeting someone for business’ or ‘ am meeting with a client within an hour’. But before you leave, just promise her that there will be a second date.

7. Look her into the eyes whenever you talk to her. Take your time to evaluate her body with your eyes by staring at the whole of her and let the last stare insinuate that you approve her beauty. Just don’t go overboard with your stares in any manner that might suggest that you’re a pervert and you’re only lusting for her.

8. When your date is truly beautiful, don’t get carried by the beauty by telling her how beautiful she is. In fact, telling a girl how beautiful she is on her first date doesn’t add any value to your conversation. It makes her feel like she has more power over you with her beauty – and, obviously, there are several of other men out there who have already told her that and you can’t afford being one of them. Let her see you as the only man that’s not intimidated by her beauty and that will give you an upper hand over most of the other men.

9. Don’t talk about yourself on your first date. But instead let the entire talk revolve around her. If she asks for what you do to earn a living, just come up with something crazy to avoid answering that question. You can even say ‘ am a drug dealer’ or ‘a terrorist’, and ask her what she does. Nigerian women love mystery and you can’t disclose everything about yourself on your first date but instead use the opportunity to know more about her.

10. It has already been said that ‘if you can make a woman laugh then you can make her do anything for you’. That’s where humour comes handy: and believe me when i say that everyone is funny. You actually don’t need to master some stand up comedy stunts to make a women laugh, but instead be systematic with the way you respond to the conversation and you’ll definitely make her laugh.

11. To win a Nigerian woman over, then you have to display some confidence with you. Confidence involves an array of different small things; for instance, the way you talk to her, your eye contact and the way you address the waiters. In other words, you have to show her that you are not intimidated by anything and you can actually take good care of her without fear.

12. During your first date, don’t talk about things you cannot change. For instance, don’t talk about politics unless you’re a politician. In addition to that, don’t spend ten minutes talking about the weather. Such talks will only make you look like a whiner than a confident man that you’re are trying so hard to bring into picture.

13. If you’ve already made it official that you’re actually dating, then introduce her as your girlfriend to the friends you meet. Start by saying her name before introducing the girlfriend part of it. For example, if she’s Nancy and you’re meeting with friend named Ricky then you can introduce her like this : ‘ Ricky, meet Nancy my girlfriend and we are actually having our first date’. This will make her feel special and valued and at the same time portray you as a very open and honest person.

14. Lastly, just let everything flow naturally. If it was meant to be then you shouldn’t be forcing things out. Be yourself and get comfortable with whom you really are during your first date and things will just work out naturally. All in all, ensure that you’re well groomed during the occasion but don’t over-do it. A nice deodorant and a nice shirt with some nice pair of sneakers and jeans will actually do. Additionally, just get a nice watch and pay much attention on your hair and some other subtle stuffs that girls always notice, and all will be well.