Why You Should Use CIPP Liners To Rehabilitate Sewer Lines

Many industries and professions are benefitting from the rise in digitization and smart technologies to provide services.

The plumbing profession hasn’t been left behind. Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining is an innovation changing this profession. CIPP is where you repair damaged pipes from their current position without needing to remove them.

This article highlights why you need to adopt CIPP lining for your sewer lines rehabilitation.

It’s Non-Invasive

Back then, repairing sewer lines required you to excavate to access the said sewer pipe. This whole procedure tends to be invasive, considering that your yard or lawn is likely to get damaged in the process.

However, you’ll solve the invasion issue by rehabilitating your sewer lines with CIPP liners.

With CIPP, you don’t need to dig up your backyard. The providers will line the pipes as they’re without compromising quality.

It’s Long-Lasting

Longevity is essential as you rehabilitate your sewer lines. This is because you don’t want to have to repair the same pipe after a month or two. You want a long-lasting solution, and CIPP liners provide this solution.

CIPP liners are made of resin, which is a strong material. It doesn’t wear easily and will stand the test of time. To ensure this, you need to find the best CIPP liners manufacturing company to source your liners so you’ll be assured of quality.

Also, the CIPP liners can transport liquids of high temperature and those containing chemicals without getting damaged. These properties reduce the maintenance needs for your sewer lines, which is convenient.

To Reduce Costs

As previously stated, with no need for excavation, you’ll incur fewer costs. This is because you won’t need to hire an excavator to do the digging. With an excavator, you’ll have to pay per hour of its use; and in some situations, you might have to pay the operator. 

Also, you won’t need many laborers to do the job—you’ll only need the provider. Most providers will have their team, eliminating the need to seek more human resources.

To add to this, you’ll only pay a one-time fee to the provider, which will cater to all services, saving you money.

With most service provision services, the more complex a task is, the more you’ll pay. CIPP lining is an easy process; therefore, you won’t need to part with a lot of money as you repair your sewer line.

If your sewer line is below your garden or lawn, you won’t need to seek services to re-plant your grass or flowers after CIPP lining.

This is attributed to the fact that the procedure is non-invasive; your garden won’t be destroyed or tampered in the process. This saves you the rehabilitation costs for your garden.

CIPP lining also eliminates the need for you to replace an entire pipe when only a portion of it is damaged. Here, you only need to line the damaged area, saving you unnecessary costs.

It’s Versatile In Use

CIPP liners are flexible as they can take up any shape. You don’t need to worry if your sewer pipes have several bends or take complex shapes. The liner will completely bond with your damaged pipe without leaving gaps due to corners.

Also, with CIPP lining, you don’t need to worry if it’ll suit your existing pipes regarding the size. The liner can fit any pipe size, even if your pipe’s diameter is small.

It Saves Time

When it comes to sewer lines rehabilitation, time is of the essence because you need to restore its services as soon as possible. Prolonged disconnection to sewer services can lead to many inconveniences, not forgetting the rise in unsanitary conditions, especially in the bathroom

CIPP lining takes a few hours to set up and cure. This means that your provider will be in and out of your premises in no time, allowing you to resume connectivity.

The same can’t be said if you had to dig up your land, remove old pipes, replace them, and restore your land to its previous use and state.

Here, it’s essential to highlight that the curing process’s length depends on several factors such as climate and the lining material used.


This article has shown that CIPP liners are an effective way of rehabilitating your sewer lines. However, it’s good to point out that the procedure’s effectiveness is tied to its installation process.

Only when it’s installed properly will it be effective. This emphasizes the need to work with a professional in CIPP lining. With that said, the decision on whether to adopt CIPP liners lies with you, so make the right choice.