#1 Zets Family Memories

Jim Zetz suffers from cancer that will limit his life, and he has only years to live. His daughter wanted her father to see her walk down the aisle before he passed, and she got her wish.

#2 11-Year Old Bride

This isn’t some freaky polygamist arranged wedding, this scene is one for a dying father to see one of his final wishes fulfilled, and it’s a truly touching moment.

#3 Daddy’s Little Girl

It is heartbreaking to see a girl who clearly adores her father knowing that her wedding day with him is only the dress rehearsal. Still, they savored the moment as best she could.

#4 A Death Sentence

Jim Zetz has stage four pancreatic cancer, and his time on this Earth is limited. What better way to spend your final days than with your daughter and wife?

#5 A Community Unites

The community came together to help a family whose resources go to medical bills by providing cake, decorations, and other elements that make any wedding special.

#6 The Poppa Finger

The wedding ring is so important that it has its own finger reserved for it, and Big Jim definitely respects that distinction. He slipped the ring on her index finger instead, father style.

#7 All the Swag

This was a real, full-blown wedding in pretty much every respect except for an actual bride and groom. Still, the family got to forget for a day that life can be cruel.

#8 Truly Emotional Day

This wedding was put together in 72 hours by a friend who was determined that Josie would have a video of she and her father walking down the aisle at her actual wedding, and that she does.

#9 Once in a Lifetime

Being told we have months or years to live is an unimaginable experience, and taking care of the things you care about most in this life before you pass is what matters the most.

#10 Tears of Joy and Sadness

Josie and Jim are sharing a tender moment, and one of the final they will ever have together. This is one of the purest, most hearfelt moments you will ever experience between father and his daughter.