Why One Night Stand Is A Good Idea

Lovely Couple

Be it the beginning of something wonderful or a sizzling one night stand there is more than one reason why, every so often, we should blow the rules, and get steamy before we’re told to.

1) Impulsive passion

Sex doesn’t always have to be about a life-long commitment to one person and whilst the virtue of those intensions are honourable, sometime sex for sex’s sake is just as valid.

So you’re horny and the opportunity is there? A one night stand can be both fulfilling and fun … and much more fun than swapping numbers.

2) Seizing the moment

Nothing says ‘Carpe Diem’ like seizing opportunities and indulging in the moment. A one night stand is the epitome of living life to it’s fullest, and not caring about tomorrow – granted, it’s perhaps not something you want to do every weekend, but once in a while, it’ll do wonders for your joie de vivre.

3) Asserting your independence

Safe sex as a consenting adult, with someone I find attractive but have no interest in ever seeing again in my life?

Don’t mind if I do.

4) Strangers in the night

Sex with somebody you know well is great, but a passionate night of hot lovin’ with a near stranger can be mind-blowing. Be who you want for one night only … eat your heart out Christian Grey.

5) No emotional involvement

Remembering your one night stands name is a basic requirement but not a necessity – worrying about whether they’re going to call you again? Girlfriend, don’t sweat the small stuff.

The beauty of a one night stand is that there is no emotional involvement, don’t ruin a beautiful thing by getting heavy.

6) Pleasing yourself

Without the awkwardness of seeing each other again, or small talk over breakfast the next morning, there is no reason why you cannot use a one night stand to totally please yourself.

Anonymity means you can sod the manners and make an orgasm your sole focus of the evening.

Thanking you kindly.

7) Amazing sex
And the irony is that the less you care about what you look like, because let’s face it, you’re unlikely to see them again, the hotter the sex will probably be.
A drunk fumble in the back alley might not make the Guinness book of records for hottest love scenes of all time but completely letting go will mean that you’re going to have a good time.


So for those of you doubting it, there you are. A one night stand might not mean you’ll be getting engaged anytime soon but it does mean you’ll have a new experience, plenty of orgasms and one hell of a story to tell you friends the next day.

What’s not to love?