Hi, pls hide ma i.d nd notify me wen posted.am a girl of 20yrs nd in a serious mess.i have been dating a guy 4 d past 7years right 4rm ma teenage age nd we intend having a future 2geda.i have been a pillar of support to him right 4rm time nd he has been able 2 achieve his dreams.he nw works wit d govt.the first problem is since he started working wit the govt he no longer values me.his changed 4rm d guy i used 2 knw.secondly bcos of his character i started seeing sm1 else bt i stil hve feelings 4 him.d mess is dis i made love 2 dis new guy without protection nd he released inside of me.the following day being a friday i made love 2 ma old boyfrnd nd in d process d c.d bursted which we both saw.funny enough i neva knew i was pregnant nt until it was 3 mnts plus.i had no choice bt to keep d baby.the question now is who is likely 2 own d baby btw d 2 guys.no insult pls