The Freefall

This one’s the “Freefall,” because it looks like you’re just a big pool of arms and legs on a bed. Sleeping face-down like this means you have an open and welcoming personality, sometimes to a fault.



The Hugger

If you’re constantly wrapped around something (or someone) while sleeping, and often find yourself above the covers, that could actually mean that you’re very trusting and loyal, so clutch away!



The Board

if you sleep flat and straight as a board (How do you do that, btw?), that’s an indication of being quiet and reserved. It also could mean that you’ve got a high sense of self-worth.



The Side Sleeper

If you are most comfortable on your side, it means that you’re calm and laid-back when you’re awake. You are also very trusting, but not to a fault.


What does your sleeping style say about you?

Now, sometimes the way you sleep is just a basic function of how your body is comfortable resting, but it’s natural that body language (especially body language exhibited for 8 hours at a time, subconsciously), can be very telling, so think about the people you know and how they sleep.