Here is a list of the weirdest stuff girls relish doing when they are alone.

1. Pulling hair out of unwanted places: If the hair is not desired there, it will be plucked off regardless of how painful the procedure is.

2. Putting their hands in their pants: There may be nothing to adjust but it’s still a natural thing women do just like guys.

3. Sniff your bras: to see if it’s time to wash them.

4. Give the inside of your ear: A good scratch with your index finger, wipe away the earwax on the couch or something.

5. Run your fingers through your unwashed hair all day long: impressed with yourself with just how much oil your skull has produced.

6. Playing with makeup and hair: Even the most conservative female has at one point or another spent time living out their fantasy of wearing crazy hair and vibrant makeup.

7. Pull a plate out of the sink and use it even though it’s a little dirty: because there are no plates left and thought of doing dishes makes your want to vom.

8. Trying to fit into old jeans: Bodies change shape throughout time. Sometimes it’s too hard to accept the fact you no longer fit into your size 24 jeans.

9. Using social media to just look: If you have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account it’s because you are making your life public. So don’t act surprise if she is looking at your social media account.

10. Listen to the: same song on repeat for like, an hour.

11. Selfies don’t just happen: It’s about making sure the makeup is on right, the lighting is perfect for it to even be considered to be uploaded.

12. Sing in front of mirror: To see if you would look sexy in a music video.

13. Washing off the day’s dirt and makeup: Sometimes women are just too tired to wash their faces. The fact that she has great skin is either good genes or just pure luck.

14. Knowing how to make your own sanitary pads at the last minute: Every woman’s menstrual cycle has changed unexpectedly. Being a true MacGyver by using thick rolls of toilet paper does the trick until you get to the nearest store.

15. Pulling the thin lip skin off: It hurts a lot but it brings an unusual amount of satisfaction.

16. Eat everything you can out of jars with your fingers: But don’t forget which finger you used to fling your booger…Oh NO!!

17. Take shamelessly long showers while singing : Normally I’m very environmentally conscious, but sometimes this is necessary. And sometimes it’s also necessary to pee while showering because you don’t want to get the toilet seat all wet and you really have to go. Wow, it feels so good to finally say it out loud.

18: Never close the door when using the bathroom no matter what you’re doing: If you have cats, they’ve seen it all before, and they don’t care, in fact they won’t admit it, but they like to watch.

19. Fart audibly and often: Yeah, you know you do it, and you know it’s the best feeling ever.

20. Watch embarrassing movies: I don’t mean “bad chick flick” embarrassing. I mean movies that eight-year-old you might have enjoyed

21: Masturbate all time: Masturbating in itself isn’t weird at all, it’s just the sheer frequency that we do it when we have free time, but no chance of getting laid. I bet there are plenty of girls who will get horny just from reading this – well, you probably want to be redirected here now. Enjoy.

22. Chipping nail polish: The moment you spot the first chip come off, it’s just downhill from there.

23: Dancing in front of the mirror: We all think we are just as good as Jennifer Lopez and our mirror is proof of hundreds of hours spent perfecting the sensuous dance moves.

24: Crying to a good song: Because some songs are meant to make you cry.

25: Being a snoop: Sometimes the information doesn’t come as easily as one would expect. Better put the detective glasses on