It’s pretty astounding what people will do and buy for the sake of beauty. I’m not talking chocolate face masks or vibrating face cleansing brushes, I mean really, really weird beauty items that are actually quite shocking to discover. Items such as dye that makes your genitals a nice shade of pink. Nope, it’s not some sort of joke; even Oprah swears by some of these weird beauty products (not the genital dye).

The thing is, people will buy almost anything if it’s trendy. An Etsy shop created glitter poop pills that make your poop sparkle, although they warn you not to actually ingest them. The owners wanted to see if people would buy them because they look cool, and of course they’re flying off the virtual store shelves. And then there’s body cream made from salmon hatchery water – that’s right, supposedly the liquid carries an anti-aging enzyme released when salmon eggs are hatched. Whether it’s true or not, that just sounds gross.

Anyone could say pretty much anything these days, and if it sounds weird and awesome enough, and if it has “anti-aging properties” it becomes a trend that people latch onto like glue. From treasure lashes to post-poo drops, these are 15 disturbing beauty items that are selling like hot cakes right now.

1.Glitter Pills

Before we start, no these pills are not actually meant for consumption. An Etsy shop created the Glitter Pills to see if people would actually buy them just because they look awesome and are trendy; and lo and behold, they do. Although they’re called pills, the items have tons of warnings on them cautioning people not to eat them and the Etsy owner claimed on their FAQ page “DO NOT EAT GLITTER PILLS.” The point of the Glitter Pills is to be a unique product and they really are something that people find fascinating and are spending their money on. You can even choose the color you would theoretically want your poop to be.

2.Go Away Gray capsules

If you’re starting to notice some gray hairs and hair dye isn’t really your thing, what about Go Away Gray capsules? Apparently these all-natural supplements prevent and reverse grey hair. The pill’s creator, Cathy Beggan, says the secret ingredient is an enzyme called catalase, which reacts to the body’s production of hydrogen peroxide. The pills also contain vitamin B-6, folic acid, saw palmetto and L-tyrosine.

3.Treasure lashes

These treasure eyelashes were designed by model and video performer, Blac Chyna. They’re “unique and sexy…and compliment a glam look.” The treasure lashes were made using medium and deep human hair lashes, which means some are longer and some are shorter for a more natural look. You can also buy Treasure Lashes with heart and star-shaped confetti.

4.Snail Collagen Essence Mask

The introduction of South Korean beauty products to the West has brought so many unique and amazing skin care items to the market. And lots of these products, from masks to eye creams, are formulated with snail extract. The slime from a snail is packed with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, which are added to beauty products because they are thought to offer many benefits to the skin. Snail extract is supposed to protect our skin from harmful oxygen, keeping the skin healthy and moist. It also apparently helps to make your skin relaxed and clear, reducing inflammation.

5.Fresh Breasts



Fresh Breasts cream is brought to us by the company that also makes Fresh Balls. It’s formulated to keep your girls dry and diminish boob sweat so that you don’t have to walk around hiding it from people on the street, and so that you don’t have to meet people with the dreaded under boob wetness (is this a common issue?)! It’s applied as a lotion but dries into a clump free powder and can be applied multiple times a day. You know, incase it doesn’t work the first time. The product has yet to be reviewed on the company website.

6.Placenta Creme

Eating the placenta has become almost commonplace now. Some women think that it will make them look younger (ahem, Kim Kardashian) or that it’s some sort of good omen. But this cream offers something a little different. It’s made out of placenta protein, which is said to nourish, protect and rejuvenate the skin, and also help with acne and smoothing out your complexion. It’s also blended with almond, apricot, and avocado oils as well as vitamin E to leave your skin feeling soft.

7.Salmon hatchery water

The skin care line Restoresea creates all of their products with salmon hatchery water. The water where salmon hatch their eggs is said to hold an anti-aging enzyme, which when used in beauty products, along with other vitamins, creates a wrinkle-free face. There have actually been some pretty cool articles on it, and we all know that anything that can possibly have an anti-aging effect gets snatched up like hot cakes. It’s also sold at stores like Bergdorf Goodman, and if you put a big price tag on any item, that immediately means it’s good, right?

8.Post-poo drops

Poop really sells. There are mugs with poop quotes on them, poop journals, and even post-poo drops. That’s right – Aesop did it. The beauty brand who offers skin and hair care products, also offers drops that you can dispense into the toilet bowl post-flush, after “vigorous activity has occurred in the bathroom.” Well, that’s one way to put it. The drops are scented with citrus peel notes and lots of floral elements to cover the poop smell. I guess you can look at it as the new bathroom candle. In drop form.


This is not so much an item as a treatment, but disturbing all the same. Spermine is an antioxidant organic compound detected in, you guessed it, human sperm. It’s supposed to rebuild the fat and moisture balance of the skin, and it’s used in facials at various skin care spas. They gained popularity in Europe and are now becoming popular in North America. Spermine is also said to slow down ageing and is potentially good for clearing up acne.

10.Crazy Girl Wanna Be Naked Intimate Shave Crème

This isn’t any old shave cream. Forget shaving with the same shave gel you’ve been using for ages, use this intimate shave cream formulated with an aphrodisiac medley made up of a tropical, floral aroma. It will supposedly enhance your natural sex appeal. It was made to soften your coarsest hairs, and you can use it on your legs and armpits as well as your intimate area.

11.Baby Foot- Easy Pack


Exfoliating your feet is definitely a great idea. We all want smooth feet and since we spend most of our lives walking around, it’s important that we provide them with extra love and care. But, this product goes a step above. Blended with plant extract and exfoliants, as well as Glycolic, malic and lactic acids, it works to slough off dead skin cells. And boy does it ever. A few days after you apply the pads an entire layer of your skin peels off in one sheet. You can Google it. The results speak for themselves.

12.Fun Betty

Perhaps dying the hair on your head has become boring and tired. Or maybe you don’t want to dye your head, but still want a little change. Or perhaps you just really want a new look down there. This Fun Betty hair dye for your hair down there may be just what you need. It comes in shades such as aqua blue, lilac and even hot pink! Oh, and of course you can get it in black or auburn if you want to go a little more subtle. But hey, if you’re dying your hair down there, might as well go big or go home!

13.Bee Venom Serum



Another bizarre ingredient used in a face serum! Bee venom works with other ingredients to correct skin tone and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Again, an anti-aging ingredient, used with other ingredients to create amazing youthful results. The serum works with a combination of plant stem cells and Cyclopeptide-5 to correct and plump skin tone. It’s also formulated with BIO MARINE COLLAGEN 6 and Marimoist to enhance skin elasticity and provide long-lasting hydration.

14.My New Pink Button

Incase your private area isn’t as pink as you’d like it to be, you can restore its rosy glow by using My New Pink Button genital dye. It’s a temporary dye that is said to “restore the youthful pink color to your labia.” Just in case there weren’t enough products out there that highlight the “flaws” of the female human body, now were meant to think that our labias aren’t pink and youthful enough. What’s even more disturbing are amazing reviews it has garnered on Amazon from women who didn’t even realize their “embarrassing discoloration before I stumbled upon this product.”