Ways you ruin your first date without knowing it

bad date black couple

Have you been on a few dates? Not working out? Perhaps you’re being too picky?

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, we humans are very judgmental when it comes to love – on everything from looks, to the way people eat and even their teeth. And when it comes to first dates, while we can forgive and forget an awkward silence or sweaty palm, there are some things we just can’t get over.

Talking about the ex: First dates are about getting to know each other and finding out if you’ve got chemistry going on. Don’t ruin it by obsessing over your ex. It will sound like you’re not over your past relationship and make you look dull and confused instead. So, if you’re asked about your past partner, keep it brief and don’t delve into details that the other person doesn’t need to know.

Tardiness: Its fine to be ‘fashionably late’ if you’re a girl. But if you’re a guy, that’s a clear no-no. Be punctual and dress to the occasion. If you’re in doubt, smart casuals always do the trick and help simplifying things. Also, it is important that you smell good. There’s no bigger turn-off than body odour on the first date. Also, memories are linked to smell, so remember to smell amazing.

Drinking too much: This is especially bad if you’re the only one drinking. If you’re both on the wine, pace yourself between drinks. While it is easy to drink when you’re feeling nervous, over-doing it will only lead to self-destruction and a hazy memory of a bad date.

Arrogance: Do you like to hear someone go on and on about how amazing their job is or how many cars they own? No one wants a lover that’s cocky and pompous. So don’t expose the other person to a similar scenario. For guys, try being better listeners instead.

Sitting on your phone: It’s fine to keep your phone at the dinner table if you’re at a family dinner, but texting away on a first date is a definite no-no. It goes to show that you can’t give all your attention to your date and would rather be interested in other things.

Bad table manners: Anything along the lines of talking with your mouth full of food, holding your cutlery like a pencil and causing a scene over splitting the bill is an instant put off and will not get you a second date.