He walks past them and they turn to have a good look at him. They laugh,make jokes about him with friends all the time. They remind him of how overweight he is given the slightest opportunity. Their smiles turn into frowns each time they have to sit beside him in a public vehicle. How he feels,no one cares.
This is the story of a fat guy.

I know you have laughed at an overweight person before. I have too.I was once like you.
Now think! Has anyone ever told you how large your ears were? How large your head was? How enormous your nose looked? How did you feel? Felt something other than good?It’s the same way that overweight person feels each time you make jokes about his/her weight!

Instead of laughing at overweight people all the time,here is


1. advise them to lose weight. Tell them about counting calories and exercise.

2. Your fat friend decides to start working out and dieting,don’t laugh,don’t mock him/her. Support him/her.Be his/her fitness partner if you can.

I’m not saying you should pity him/her. If losing weight is going to make that friend happy,show support!

3. You see an overweight guy jogging in the morning,don’t laugh. Give him that encouraging smile.Clap

4. Don’t be annoying. You laughed at the fat guy. Now he’s lost the excess weight and you say he/she looks sick.”e no con good for eyes”. Seriously!

Being fat doesn’t mean you can not live your life! Start working out and cultivate a good eating habit.No one is born fat.You can have that dream body no matter how overweight you are. Don’t wallow in self pity and low self esteem.

1. you need to accept that you are overweight and that you need to lose weight

2. know what you want!

Are you happy being fat? If yes,stay away from people who are always reminding you about how fat you are!learn to love yourself.

Or do you want to lose weight? Choose for yourself. Don’t let what people say “as you fat see as you come fresh,fine,good for eye” stop you when what you really want is a slender body.

3. learn to count calories. Go online! Learn all you need to about counting calories.

4. Workout. It can be quite challenging and requires so much discipline. But don’t worry,it’ll pay off. You can Look for fun ways to exercise. That way you lose weight while having fun.

P:S It’s not cool when you are always reminding people,pointing to those “off” physical features in them,most especially the ones that they cannot change about themselves. You may not know who you are pushing towards committing suicide! Change today! Accept others just the way they are!