It’s not just the cold weather, the dark nights and the rain that the winter brings; it’s also the dreaded cough, colds and the shivers. So, if you are one of those people who seem to get more of their fair share of winter bugs, check out these ten tips on how to stay healthy in the winter.

1. Use a hand sanitizer

You pick up more germs through your hands, than do if someone near you sneezes. Even holding a handrail on a stair case can pass on germs. So, carry a hand sanitizer with you during the winter and use it regularly to help keep the bugs at bay.

2. Keep exercising

Everyone feels a little less energetic in the winter months, but don’t let that be an excuse to let up on the workout routine. Even just fifteen minutes a day will keep you fit and will boost your mood too.

3. Sleep well

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep, because that helps the body’s immune system fight off the flu and colds. If you get a good seven to eight hours sleep a night, your body will be far better equipped to fight off infection.

4. Reduce stress

If you start to feel yourself getting stressed out, then take a break or have some fun. Stress depresses the body’s immune system, so chill out, or you will catch a cold and that will make you even more stressed!

5. Stay hydrated

Just because the sun isn’t shining, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Even in the winter, you can become dehydrated, so keep on drinking the two litres of water a day or you will become more susceptible to illness.

6. Give up smoking

Apart from all the damage that smoking does, it also significantly reduces the effectiveness of your immune system. Not only that, when you do catch a cold, smoking makes the symptoms ten times as bad.

7. Eat well

Keep up the healthy diet, because your body needs those vitamins and minerals even more in the winter months. Winter comfort foods might make you feel warm and cosy, but they won’t necessarily provide you with all the nutrients that you will need.

8. Use your own pens

Here’s an odd one you weren’t thinking of. Always pack your own pens in your bag in the morning. Otherwise, when you pick up the pen at a bank, for example, you will pick up the germs from the hundred or so people who have used that pen before you.

9. Have an argument

Letting it all out, in a healthy, but heated, debate is good for you too. Research has shown that a fifteen minute ‘frank exchange of views’ with your partner increases the body’s production of the disease fighting white blood cells.

10. Get out and meet more people

Don’t hide yourself away for fear of catching something, because that is just going to make things worse. The more people that you mix with, the better your body becomes at fighting off viruses, so, get out there and mingle!

How to stay healthy in the winter?

Stay happy!