Ways to comfort your kids during a nightmare

Enjoy Your Sleep More With These Simple Tips

If you are one such parent, whose child has been suffering from nightmares too often, and the short term solutions are just not working, then follow these steps to help your child get rid of those bad dreams.

Many nightmares could be a sign of a disturbed mind fur to several reasons.

Fix a night lamp on the bedside – A dim or low voltage light should be good, just place it near the bedside. Your child can either keep it on throughout the night or just switch it on after his nightmare has woken up. This would keep light within his reach, as darkness will add to fear.

Talk about his/her dreams – Discuss about his/her dreams more often, even the good dreams for that matter. This will help you know his/her thoughts better. It can also bring forth serious issues like corporal punishment or child abuse, if any.

Set the stage for a good sleep – Get him/her into the habit of reading happy bedtime stories. Also, make sure he/she does a small prayer before sleeping, this will make him feel safe.

Go to a psychologist/counsellor if need be – If the dreams are recurrent, visit the counsellor at the earliest. Bad dreams affect the child’s mental growth, which will reflect on his regular activities like studies or sports.