Ever wondered if given a chance to change something about your body, what you would change? Well, to be honest, I would like to may be change my legs and make them all super model glam. Wishes, wishes… sigh!

Well, no one is perfect and there is a possibility that there never ever will be anyone who will attain perfection despite all you do. So why are we always so insecure about ourselves and in the pursuit of perfection? I wonder if I ever wanted to change the way my legs looked as a little girl. If memory serves me right, all I wanted as a kid were wings so I could fly away to far off lands.

So why don’t we love our bodies and why do we want to change them at all? Who told us we are any less than perfect?

Watch this video and smile as you see how grown-ups want to change something or the other, while kids are so happy being themselves.

SOURCE: Idiva.com