Marriage might be about sharing and togetherness, but when it comes to booking a honeymoon, most of the planning and expenditure is borne by any one of the spouses, said a survey done by an online travel portal.

“A majority of honeymoons were financed by one person with 64% respondents saying either they paid for the entire holiday themselves or it was their spouse who paid the entire amount,” said the survey carried out by TripAdvisor. Booking too was the prerogative of one partner, with 56% saying their spouse did not carry out any enquiry about the destination or did any bookings. However, the tide is changing with 21% polling that they financed the honeymoon together. “On asking if they took a loan for their honeymoon, only 2% replied in affirmative, which goes on to prove that loan is still seen as something you take for physical assets and not for a holiday,” said the survey, adding that 38% said they spent between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakhon their honeymoon. The survey, carried out online in October, gathered responses from 1,124 participants.When it came to choice of destina ion, 59% respondents said they had travelled domestic versus 31% who went to international destinations.

However, if given a choice, a whopping 83% out of those who travelled domestically would have preferred to go international. The top reason for those who honeymooned in India was that going abroad was too expensive (51%). At the same time, almost 50% polled saying they could afford going abroad but consciously chose to honeymoon in India given the many romantic destinations here.