While we are incredibly fortunate to have many freedoms in this life, there is also pressure on us to behave and act in a way that society deems fit, so that we can continue to enjoy such wonderful freedoms! As good citizens, we try and abide by the rules and guidelines set upon us by our government and generally, we have a pretty good understanding of what is legal and what is not. But what about those hidden laws we don’t ever really hear or think about, but that stand as laws nonetheless? We break the rules on a daily basis but we don’t think of it as breaking the rules because they have become such normalities in our everyday lives. People use fake names online all the time! People constantly connect to open wi-fi! Well, maybe these people haven’t ended up in jail just yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re forever free of all legal troubles. If they really wanted to, there are a whole slew of seemingly silly reasons the popos can send you to the slammer![youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaPb6mHHVCw]