And so, there was me and my family, during our vacations, in a isolated camping and with our car not working. This happened many years ago, but I recall it as if it was yesterday.
I tried starting the car but nothing. I walked out of the camp and happily, my curse words were muffled by the sounds produced by a near river.

My wife and me, we concluded that we were victims of a dead battery. without any alternatives, I decided to walk back to the nearest village and look for help. After one hour and a sprained ankle, I finally found a gas station, just to get a public phone and a phone list.

I managed to call the single person that I found in the list, located 30KM from there. “No problem” – said the other person, “I’m normally closed on sundays, but I can be there in about half an hour”. I got calm, but yet conscious of the financial implications this help offer would cause me.
Soon, there was me and Joe, on his truck, on the way to the camp.

Getting out of the truck, I noticed that Joe had special needs on his legs. Holy God! He was paraplegic! While he moved, I started back my mental math to calculate the help price.

“It’s just a uncharged battery. A small charge and you can keep moving.” – he told me.

The man was impressing. While the battery charged, he distracted my son with magic tricks and gifting him a coin.
While putting the cables back in the truck, I asked him how much I owed him. “Oh, nothing!” – he replied, to my surprise.

“I have to pay something” – I insisted. “No” – reiterated him.
Many years ago, someone helped me to get out of a worse situation, when I lost my legs, and this person helped me – simply said me; “When you had the opportunity, pay it forward. Here’s my chance. You owe me nothing. Just remember: When you have a similar chance, do the same…”

“We are all single winged angels, we need to hug each other to fly.”

Liked it? Don’t thank me, just pay it forward…