It is common for young couples to meet and fall in love relatively quickly nowadays, but to make a relationship last it is important to understand exactly what is required to make love last.

Whether you met your partner in a bar, on holiday or through friends you should take into consideration a few things before rushing into a serious relationship. Maintaining a relationship at any age takes a lot of hard work and understanding, which is why it is especially important for young couples to adopt an open minded approach when it comes to their relationship.

Advice for young couples

  • The basis of a relationship is to be happy with each other, but rushing into a relationship too quickly with all guns blazing can be a recipe for disaster. The lust you feel for a person when you meet them at first can become overpowering. This lust can lead you into wanting to spend every moment of every day with that new love, which can make the novelty disappear in due course.


  • Ensure to spend as much time without your partner as you do with them. Keep friends in your life and remember that you had a life before you met this person. When a couple spends too much time together it can become too comfortable, not as exciting and it is more likely that arguments will occur. It is a good idea to set up date nights with your partner to keep things spiced up and exciting.


  • Young couples can go to many places for some quality time together. This could be the cinema, a stroll in the park, a musical event, dinner or to the zoo! Whatever it is you are sure to enjoy each other for a larger period of time in small doses than in one big swoop.


Things young couples should avoid

  • The whole concept of being young is to enjoy life to it’s fullest. If you meet someone it is a good idea to do wild things together, travel and discover life. In recent times it is becoming more and more likely for young couples to move into a house together rather quickly, have children and get married.


  • This is all good and well if you are in love but it is enjoyable for a relationship to take things slow. Young people need the heat and fire to make a relationship last. There is plenty of time to be a housewife and a family man, so keep things exhilarating between you and your partner. Send each other saucy texts, organise fun events and most importantly do not overdo it.


  • It is such a shame for young couples to lose out on a great relationship because they rushed into it too fast. Avoid this by all costs and be young and in love the right way!