Steam rooms and saunas are increasingly popular in gyms, health clubs, hotels and even in homes due to its high regard for its health benefits. There is no doubt that steam rooms and saunas have a list of health benefits associated to them but they do have few risks. It is important that you know both to have a better experience.

Health Benefits: Relaxes your muscles and joints

Spending sometime in steam rooms and sauna provides relief to your muscles and joints. It lowers the risk of stress, fibromyalgia or arthritis. It is also known to provide a speedy recovery to muscles from soreness.

Health Benefits: Improves the quality of sleep

Dry saunas or steam rooms relax the mind and provide a soothing sensation that can make the body and the mind feel at ease. This relaxation from stress can boost your quality of sleep. One should make sure he or she doesn’t fall asleep in the steam room or sauna.

Health Benefits: Provides relief to Sinus and congestion problems

Steam rooms can have therapeutic properties by thinning mucous which are common in the winters. People find it easier to cough out the phlegm after a steam bath. Steam rooms also clear up sinus passages and ease Eustachian tubes problems.

Health Benefits: Reduces the risk of migraine and headaches

Due to heavy workouts and exercise, you are likely to form muscle tensions which can lead to migrainesand headaches. Sitting in a steam room or sauna can relieve your muscles from the risk.

Health Benefits: Gives you a healthy skin

Taking steam provides a deep nourishment to your skin. Sweating opens the pores of the skin, when you wash your skin after a steam bath; you remove the dirt and germs of it. You can also prevent the breakout of acne and wrinkles

Health Benefits: Improves blood circulation

Steam promotes the circulation of blood in your body. Sauna increases your pulse by 30 percent or more which is almost double the amount of blood which your heart pumps every minute. Prolonged and proper use of sauna helps in lowering blood pressure and boosts the functioning of your heart.

Health Benefits: Improves Joint mobility

Saunas help in increasing joint mobility and flexibility of the body. It also controls pain and stiffness amongst people who suffer from rheumatic diseases.

Health Risks: Skin problems

If the heat exposure is extreme and prolonged excessively, the heat can cause damage to the skin which is equivalent to sunburn or thermal burn. It may also provide irritation if you have an open wound or a sensitive skin.

Health Risks: Temporary weight loss

Most people love to stay in a steam room thinking it to be a great way to lose weight due to the amount of sweat lost. But the truth is that most of the weight loss is just water weight from sweating and you will put it on back when you drink something. Spending more than enough time in a steam room can dehydrate you.