You can have the face of Aphrodite and have Raquel Welch’s killer body (at 73!!!), but once you open your mouth and absurdity starts spilling out, then you immediately become less than average. A woman cannot live on looks alone. Some just fool themselves to think otherwise.

The words you use and your manner of speaking are fundamental in attracting a mate. You can make anyone fall for you by what you say. Add sincerity to that and you become a god to someone’s eyes. We kid you not.

Lure a future paramour by putting the power of linguistics in your favor through these:

“Tell me more”

“Few human beings are proof against the implied flattery of rapt attention.” This is the embodiment of the aforementioned phrase above. If you take to heart this simple quote by acclaimed novelist Jack Woodford, you are already one step above the competition.
It simply means that you are very much interested in what the person’s saying and that is one important factor in winning someone’s heart. You have to make the person feel that what he’s saying piques your interest at all times. Also, don’t just egg him to tell you more; be a sympathetic listener.

“That’s sexy”

Now you’re talking. The fact that it’s unconventional for anyone over 50 to say this line makes it all the more, well, sexy. Do it once or twice, more than that and you’ll sound like a real pervert who hasn’t been laid for more than five years. Stay classy.
You have to make your date blush not cringe. Use the remark above during one of man’s self-deprecating banter. Yes, men [almost] have an equal amount of vacillation as women. They just refuse to admit it.

Man: “I can afford to eat at good restaurants since I save a lot on shampoo (points to receding hairline).”

Woman: “I find men with receding hairline sexy.”

Boom! Take a sip of wine without breaking eye contact after you uttered the words. He’s yours.

“I haven’t told anyone this…”

This definitely screams ‘you are special’, ‘you are important’. Making someone feel important is the ultimate law of human conduct. By telling your date something that’s reserved for your mind only will make him feel just that. Of course, you have to do it with sincerity. Don’t just invent a secret for the sake of making him feel significant.

It will make your date feel that there is this high level of trustworthiness in him which made it easy for you to open up even in a short span of time that you’ve known each other. That says a lot you know.

“Honestly, I think that you are…”

Injecting the words honestly a few times will emphasize the level of your genuineness. Be careful when using this though. Be aware that insincere flattery is cheap. Mature men can see beyond the BS.

Use it sparsely. If you keep saying the words all the time, like a prayer or a chant, the essence will be lost. It’ll be nothing more than mere words. You’re goal should be to have a good impact through your words.

“Please and Thank you”

Remember the magic words that your mother and your grade school teacher taught you. Use them and use them well. Abuse them even.

They are often times ignored probably due to mediocrity, but these simple words have a good bearing to one’s personality. They are not just proof of basic morality. Constantly saying these words means that you are well-bred, polite and possess a high level of benevolence. Who doesn’t want a mate who’s all that?