Eat Well, Live Well! Losing weight and dieting is usually a tedious task that is not enjoyed by most people. However what if we don’t have to run for hours on treadmill, carryout painful exercises and starve as if all the food in this world is poisonous?

Things are much easier and simple if you follow healthy recipes to lose weight quickly. Healthy eating is a healthy solution to your weight loss problems. We do realize that cookies, snacks and junk food sometimes sneak their way into your grocery cart no matter how hard you try to avoid them and vegetables and fruits are not always being picked up as recommended by nutritionists. Well that’s what healthy recipes are for! You don’t have to give up all your favorite items in order to achieve your target of weight loss quickly.

Let’s put an eye on the few common grocery items that can be used in healthy recipes and leads to healthy eating as listed by Robyn Flipse, a registered dietitian.


A much heavy weight item as compare to cereal as it is baked with sugar, honey and oil can now be used as a condiment, topping on the yogurt or preferably mixing it with low calorie cereal. Such healthy recipe will not only let you consume your favorite granola bars but will also cut on the extra fats that were triggered into your system otherwise; especially if you select the bar made of whole grains. Don’t forget to look at the ingredients list because if there are three or more types of sugar added like molasses or brown sugar then you better keep your hands off from that item.


A common misconception is where people prefer to have pita chips as compare to regular chips to support their quick weight loss activities. But certain varieties of pita chips are full of fats and sodium that would be of no advantage to your healthy eating plans. Again look at the ingredients and pick the one that are baked and seasoned rather than fried and salted.

If you try baking it yourself with healthy ingredients like olive oil you will definitely be having plus points in your game of healthy recipe.


A well portion controlled trail mix is what you need to satisfy your quest as well as your target of weight loss. You must be thinking that how will the calorie dense nuts and dried fruits make a healthy recipe? Well, Flipse suggests same nuts and dried foods if mixed with low calorie cereal or popcorn, can make you eat large portions that will cut off the calorie intake on the whole.


What a life saver frozen meals are especially for working people. However the amount of calories and sodium these frozen meals have makes you think about them. Now the healthy recipe trick lies in the combination of using the frozen items. People heading toweight loss need to use such items in fewer portions combined with bigger portions of low calorie items like salad, fruits and vegetables. A ratio of 1:3 is a healthy option.


Yummy fruit and yogurt is what a healthy recipe counts on. Fill the bowl or a cup with fruits like cherries, apple, strawberries etc. and opt for plain o vanilla yogurt as an add on. Remember nature nurtures your health with its natural resources. So the more the intake of healthy and natural meals like fruits the more the fit you are and it helps to lose weight quickly as well.


Get your hands on the pre-pack meat like chicken and turkey as it is pumped with water and salt and thus loses the calories. Forget about the spices and barbecue flavors. The healthy recipe suggests to top up you meat with avocado, roasted peppers or arugula. Keep it simple and natural.


Even canned soups tend to cause cardiovascular issues due to the presence of sodium but you can still enjoy it if prepared as a healthy recipe. Add salt, pepper and spices along with half cup of beans or vegetables to make it a complete nutritionist meal that will satisfy your hunger with unique taste.


Not everyone can enjoy brown rice. Usually people find it tasteless but bear with it as white rice is not helpful in weight loss. However as per Flipse healthy recipe if you mix both of the rice it can give a unique taste like pasta and rice. What else one can find better than high fiber content of brown rice benefiting the body along with the taste.


How can one not treat him or herself occasionally with sweets and chocolates? But what about the calories and fat? Well, healthy recipes suggest that such items are not much harmful if taken moderately and in much smaller portions. You can definitely add big dark chocolate bar preferably diet chocolate to your grocery cart but enjoy a little bit of it at night to satisfy your quest and keep you on track for the next day.

Enjoy healthy recipes and live smartly!!!