I am not talking about getting out of the friendzone he’s put you in, there have been many articles about that already, so if you’re in that situation and you desperately wanna get out, read one of the ones I’ve written or google the web for others.

I’m talking about a man whom you both decided to be friends initially, (maybe during when you both were even seeing other people) and now the coast is both clear for you both & you are feeling him more than you ever used to.

Thing is, he might feel the same way with you but how do you get out of the friendship level and take it further?

1. Was there an initial attraction? I’ve had male friends over the years that we both knew if we weren’t seeing other people we might have been together and so I put them really faraway not to ruin what I had. But the major thing is that, we both know we have the attraction. Now, if you want your friend to be your boo, first find out if you both have that attraction that most couples need to be together.

2. Spend more time together. Call him more for hook-ups and hangouts. Spend more time alone in each other’s company and let him know you like him. Women don’t have to make the first move before the man knows she wants something, all they have to do is show it.

3. Turn up your sexuality. Be sexier, be more feminine. You aren’t his buddies bud now, you are that woman that’ll be taking care of his needs. He should see that.

4. Flirt. A lot! Flirt on the phone on bbm, on social media, via text messages. Just flirt! He’d get the message.