Often, guys just aren’t as skilled in the art of telephone conversations, as girls are. For some reason, a phone call with a guy can be so brief that it leaves you wondering if you said something wrong. If you want a long and meaningful conversation with a guy, then you are going to have to help him out a little. Read these ten tips and find out how to turn a brief telephone conversation with a man into a great one:

1. Prepare a list of possible conversation topics

When you phone a girlfriend, topics just seem to roll seamlessly from one to the next. When you are talking to a man, however, you are going to have to prize any news from him, so be prepared with a list of topics you want talk about. That way, when an awkward silence occurs, you can quickly move on to another subject and get him talking again.

2. Ask him for advice or his help

Guys think they have the answer to everything, so if you want to get him talking, ask for his help! They love being asked for advice and it will make him feel that he’s appreciated and his opinion is valued.

3. Talk about current affairs

Most guys don’t do gossip, but they do know what’s been in the news lately. There’s always something going on in the world that you can talk about, even it’s only some celebrity news. He’ll also be impressed that you keep up to date with such things.

4. Mention his hobbies or passions and show your sincere interest in them

He’ll be really pleased if you take an interest in his hobbies. Check out what’s been happening with his favourite team. Or show a genuine interest in his latest hobby project. Not only will it keep the conversation flowing, he will also be keen to talk to you again, to give you an update.

5. Ask after his friends

Men usually have a closer bond with their friends than we might imagine. Asking about his friends will usually get him talking and he might even be tempted into a little bit of gossip!

6. Ask him to wait a second

If you get really stuck, then tell him that you need to check if there is someone’s at the front door! Asking him to wait a second will give you the time to think of a way to get the conversation going again.

7. Relate subjects

We do all this all the time, but with a guy you may have to make more of a conscious effort to do it. Take a new topic from what he has just said. For example, if he mentions he went out with his friends to a bar last night, then that could lead you onto asking if he’d like to go that new bar that just opened with you.

8. Don’t ask questions that can only be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Give a guy half a chance and he will kill a topic stone dead! Avoid asking questions that can get away with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. If you ask him if he watched a particular show on TV last night, he will say yes or no. If you ask him what he watched on TV last night, you might get a conversation out of him.

9. Give him a chance to talk

Make sure that it’s not you who is making the conversation one sided. When you ask a question, give him time to reply, before you jump in with the next one. Don’t be afraid to leave a small silence, he might just be thinking.

10. A small portion of suggestive flirting!

Depending on how well you know this guy, a little suggestive flirting will keep him on the line. If you are really good at it, you won’t be able to get him off the phone!

Do you have some other tips for having a great conversation with a guy on the phone? What are your favorite good conversation topics?

Stay happy!

SOURCE: beautyandtips.com