Traveling; A Must For My Future Kids

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I’m a Nigerian, from delta state and I’m pretty much allowed to write this words of mine concerning Nigeria….lol.

 Growing up in Nigeria was really an interesting experience for me and if i had to be reborn and choose where to be born i will choose Nigeria again. But there was something i never really got a-lot of and that was traveling.

I was never really taught to travel, to visit new places and new cultures despise the fact that we have a-lot of cultures in Nigeria.
This is a thing for most Nigerians, we are just use to being comfortable at a place and striving for the goodies of life and never really taking time off to travel and visit the outside world.
The only time we travel,is, if we are going for schooling or business or some sort of thing that involve work.
I have recently come to the realization that i will love to teach my children the idea of traveling someday. When i have kids i will love them to travel as much as possible.
To see the world and experience it.
To understand other people’s culture and beliefs so they can see the world with their own eyes.
Education is not just going to school, it is also about experiencing new things, speaking new languages and understanding the world from a different point of view and i will love to give them this kind of education as well.
 It is not enough to stay in your sphere of contacts and think the world revolve around your world because it doesn’t. There are alot of beautiful things, and places, delicious delicacies that need to be eaten with enjoyed and i would love to show that to my kids someday.

I’m not much of a traveler, i like my comfort zone a-lot but i am beginning to understand the value of traveling and acquiring new knowledge. And i would love to teach my children this, at a very early age.
 We are so focus on our jobs without even considering the possibility of how much we will touch people’s life if we just get out of our job zone and see the world from other people’s point of view. How much we will understand them better and maybe, where they are coming from.
Traveling is more than just going to a new place, it is tapping into that part of you that need to fly and feel free. You don’t have to travel alone. You can travel with a group of people,for example; for out reach purposes, where foods and other necessities are giving to people in need. You will not only feel free but you will have a sense of joy in your heart.
Having a job is good, don’t get me wrong. In-fact your job will pay for the trip but Having only your work experience is not living a full life.
Life is much more beautiful with more traveling experiences.