Top 5 Aphrodisiacs To Get You In The Mood

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Getting in the mood can sometimes be tough, so why not start laying the groundwork at dinnertime? We’re talking about the top substances that can get you in the mood. Whether it’s the shape of the food, its texture or the actual ingredients, it’s true that what you eat may help your sex life. Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, are plants, drugs or foods that arouse or heighten sexual arousal.

Start with an:

Oyster appetizer. Zinc, which is found in oysters, venison, lamb and pumpkin seeds, is a mineral that cranks up the production of testosterone, a hormone linked to a higher sex drive.

Licorice root. Natural black licorice was used to sustain Roman soldiers long, long ago due to its vitality-boosting powers.

Now, downing a few licorice ropes can free up testosterone and lessen the effects of erectile dysfunction, while creating a more satisfactory sexual experience.

Chocolate, which contains phenyl ethylamine, or PEA. It’s a sensual substance that recreates the feeling of falling in love, so it’s an obvious aphrodisiac.

Vitamin E to boost arousal and orgasms. Foods rich in vitamin E include avocados, almonds and sunflower seeds.

Finally, find some fat – we’re talking about omega-3 fatty acids – to enhance lovemaking. Sources like salmon, walnuts and pumpkin seeds all help keep sex hormone production at its peak.