This piece is not aimed at discrediting any of these stars, neither is it aimed at encouraging people not to acquire university education. These stars haven’t acquired university degrees or their equivalent. Some were at the university but had to drop out due to reasons best known to them.
But their inability to successfully acquire a degree in any discipline hasn’t prevented them from climbing to the top of their chosen careers. Most of them speak fluent English, even more than some of their colleagues that are graduates, not to talk of those that are half baked graduates that can’t express themselves in simple but correct English. Whether you decide to go to the best university in the world or think it isn’t for you, that is completely your choice. No one can force you to do something you don’t want to. Plus, the people I will be mentioning do not have a degree, but they still became successful in their own way.

With the way some of these stars carry themselves and also comport themselves, you wouldn’t know that they are not yet graduates without being told.

It’s necessary to point out that the value of higher education cannot be over emphasised. Education is a desideratum and these stars are aware of it too.
Interestingly, even though they have made it without possessing higher degrees, they still appreciate the value of education and still have the desire to go back to school some day.
Talents may not be enough; so it’s still good to pursue higher education while maximising one’s talent. For the fact that it worked out for them even without acquiring university degrees or its equivalent, doesn’t mean it may work out for others. So higher education is still a desideratum.
With the high rate of unemployment in the country, talent becomes a tool for self empowerment for some people after graduation.

Here are top entertainers that have been able to make it even without university degrees or its equivalent.


She is a super star, classy, hot and beautiful. No doubt, she’s vividly intelligent too and has a very good command of the English language. But Ms Nnaji hasn’t been able to acquire a Tertiary education, even several years after saying that she would go back to school. Although it is not late yet.
Below is an excerpt from her interview years ago where she spoke about her educational background:

Let’s have your bio-data. People don’t seem to know much about you?

“I’m from Aboh-Mbaise in Imo State. I went to Kemistar Nursery and Primary School, Surulere; Methodist Girls High School, followed by one in Ikeja. I kept on moving. But ended up at Girls Secondary School, Akwakuma in Owerri, Imo State.

Why have you not furthered your education?

Life is not the same for everybody. Some people are so lucky, they come out of secondary school and they go straight to university because they have the back-up of people and it’s so easy. It looks simple…mine was different. But I’m determined. Definitely, I’m gonna go back to school. I wanted to make money, I love my money, I cherish my own money. So, I will go back when I’ve made enough. But even while I’m there, I won’t stop working.