10.  Homework

Children forget to mention their homework, so that they could have some fun. They only admit to having to do homework the night before school begins.

9.  Drugs

Illegal drug use is popular amonst teenagers. In fact, all those who do it, never admit it to their parents.

8.  Where they were

I know a few teenagers who pretended to go to work. When dropped off, they would sneak into a friend`s car and drive off to a party. Kids are vindictive and they know how to lie.

7.  Parties

Those who read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid know the stereotypes associated with teenagers and partying. When the cat is away, the mice will play. Think metaphorically.

6.  Boyfriends/Girlfriends

If girls are dating, they almost always will hide their boyfriends from their parents. This is especially the case when parents do not approve of the boy. Boys like to still sneak in.

5.  Tests

If a kid failed his/her test, they will never admit it. They would always try to hide the test. In fact many students would forge their parents’ signature to keep the secret even more.

4.  Damage

If kids/teenagers damage an item that is not theirs, they almost always fail to admit it. I know a 16 year old who scratched a kitchen table and only told his parents the year after. He wanted them to cool down.

3.  Bullying

If children are being bullied, they will not always be read to admit it. In fact, many bullies threaten their victims to keep silent. You need to watch for signs of bullying to know when kids keep secrets.

2.  S3x

Teenagers almost never admit to parents when they have s3*x for the first time. I know one 15 year old who never told her mother she was pregnant until 7 months into her pregnancy. The mother never put the pieces of the puzzle together.

1.  Smoking

Teenagers nearly always hide their smoking habits from parents. They would hate to know the consequences of their actions. One girl hid in people’s cars outside her house to prevent her mother from seeing.