Getting him to call and arrange a second date can seem like an impossible task. Here we show you 10 things that will help you to secure date number two.

Don’t play tricks

When you’re desperate for someone to ring you back it can be tempting to play tricks that will ‘encourage’ them to get in contact. The problem is, most of these tricks are pretty transparent and they tend to backfire. So, avoid texting him things like ‘Dave, had a great time last night. Want to do it again?’ when his name is Joe, as tricks like this might ruin your chances.

Be clear

At the end of a date you should be clear about who is going to make The Call. By being clear you’ll avoid any confusion and you’ll not be waiting for your phone to ring, whilst he is waiting for his to ring. Establishing who is going to make The Call can be awkward. To seem more confident about popping the question, look into their eyes and speak loudly and slowly; no mumbling allowed. Your confidence will impress your date and you’ll seem like a pro.

Encourage him

As you know, ringing someone you like after a date can be really stressful and embarrassing. The fear alone can stop people from picking up their phone. So if you want him to call you should boost his confidence when you are on the date, giving him signs that you like him. By doing this you will show him that if he does ring, you won’t reject him. To boost his confidence, touch his arm or leg casually during conversation, laugh at his jokes and ask him lots of questions about himself.

Don’t tell them you cheated

If you cheated on your last boyfriend, don’t broadcast the fact on your first date unless you are asked directly about it. In a study undertaken by researchers at Cornell University it was found that the trait both men and women rated highest was fidelity. In fact, being faithful was ranked as being more important than attraction, wealth and status. So, if you want to make sure he calls don’t mention that affair.

Talk about a potential date

If you make it easy for your date to ring you then he is more likely to dial your number and arrange date number two. Making it easy for him is simple. All you have to do is put an idea into his head about where you could both go on date number two. To do this, ask your date a question, such as: ‘What’s your favourite restaurant?’

Then, when they answer you should say that you’ve always wanted to eat there too and suggest you both go there together one day. This little conversation means that when it comes to ringing you, your date will be more confident about what he should say and do, which means he will be more likely to call you.

Have a sense of humor

Men love women who have a good sense of humor. If you sat through your date without smiling once and you didn’t even crack a smile when the lady who was sitting on the table next to yours walked away with the tablecloth tucked into her skirt your date won’t be impressed. To make sure your date comes back for more lighten up and don’t take things too seriously.

Look reproductively healthy

This sounds strange, but researchers have found that people who look reproductively healthy are rated as being more attractive than those people who do not look reproductively healthy. So if you want him to call you need to look like you can produce lots of babies, even if that’s the last thing on your mind.

The study found that for women a small, short face and chin were thought to look reproductively healthily. So if you want to make sure you look attractive use makeup to contour your face into a shape you are happy with.

Be like him

A study undertaken at Iowa University found that those couples who had similar personalities were more likely to stay together longer. Although you don’t want to change your personality for a guy, if you want him to call back look for signs that you are both quite similar. If you can subtly draw attention to your similarities he might call you back.

Don’t sleep with him

If you’re thinking about hopping into bed with your date but want to make sure he calls you, remember that a study found that those couples that slept together within the first month of dating had worse relationships in the long-term. So, if you want him to call back and you could see yourself having a long-term relationship with him, then it might be worth sleeping solo for a little while.

Ring him

If you’ve done all of the above and he’s still not called you, maybe you should be brave and call him instead. Although it’s not what you wanted, if you really liked him then surely picking up the phone and finding out what he thinks is better than constantly checking your phone and waiting for him to make the first move?