Your best friend just went through a break up, and she’s in ruins. Her heart is broken, and she may want to mope around the house and not do anything again. You hate seeing her like this, so what do you do? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to help your best friend go through the break up process:

1. Make sure she knows she is not alone

Especially in a break up, it may be very difficult for her to find a friend to help her. Always make sure that she knows you are always going to be her crying shoulder and listen to her memories of them together. Even if you don’t give her something to take the pain away, just her knowing that you are there is enough.

2. Give advice, but only when she needs it

One common mistake that girlfriends make is trying to give advice to their friend after something big happens. Let her come around, and give advice when she asks for it. If you start sprouting out advice, it will make her feel like she isn’t in control. If she needs advice, she will surely come to you and ask for it.

3. Listen, listen, listen! 

When a break up happens, a girl just wants someone to listen to her. Even if you have to sit there with a bottle of wine and listen to her talk, so be it. Just listen and don’t make any judgements about the breakup or about the guy who she broke up with. It will help her heal, in the long run.

4. Offer to take her places; spend time with her

If she is truly moping around the house, offer to take her out to your favorite restaurant. Even going out and being among people can help her come around to her senses. If she doesn’t want to go out, then offer to bring over movies and pizza to help her calm down. It will let her know that you care and understand what she is going through.

5. Leave the ‘guy talk’ for a later date

Don’t talk about guys in front of her, while her breakup is still fresh in her head. It may cause feelings of hurt and anger within her, and it may take her back to the pain of breakup. If you must talk to her about guys, do it when she is ready to hear it.

6. Give her a good ego boost

Some women just need an ego boost after a breakup. She may feel anxious, insecure, or maybe she is a little confused about where it went wrong. Give her compliments and treat her the same as any other day. She just wants things to go back to normal, and you will be the key to doing that.

7. Don’t introduce her to any guys, unless they are friends

If you have guy friends that you want to introduce to her, that’s fine. Don’t do this with the purpose of getting her back out into the dating world. If you have friends that you want to meet her with the intention of being friends, then that’s okay.

8. Go on a girl’s getaway trip

Go away on a trip together! It doesn’t have to be to the tropics of Mexico, but a good getaway may help her to really relax and rediscover herself. It will be a good break for her and she will come around when she goes home.

9. Hug her tightly

Sometimes, all a woman needs is a hug. So, share something funny with her, laugh with her, and hug her tightly. That may be the one thing that she will need, besides a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

10. Stay close to her

She will need you now more than ever, so don’t try to stray from her. Stay close to her and make sure she feels loved. You’re the only best friend she has, and you will be the only one to really help her through this time.

What are your tips for keeping your best friend sane through a breakup?

Stay happy!