Today let’s talk about secrets and tips that happy couples know and do differently from those who fail to build lasting happiness together. Often, as the time goes by, couples tend to get too comfortable, they stop building up and protecting their love, they let things go and lose sight of what can make (and used to make) their partner happy…Let’s look at some relationship tips and secrets of happy and successful couples that you can start implementing in your relationship straight away, in order to make it solid, beautiful and heavenly like:

1) Happy couples spend quality time together

When I talk about “time together”, I don’t mean just being geographically in one and same place and ignoring each other…I mean that happy couples plan their quality time together, it can be a date night in the favorite restaurant, a picnic or cooking together. This is the time when partners can nourish each other with love, laugh together and simply enjoy each other’s company, just as they used to do when they’ve first met.

2) Successful couples appreciate what they have

Yes, happy couples never take their partner for granted and they know how to be thankful for their love and for everything they have.

3) They argue a special way

Happy and successful couples never cross certain limits, they won’t allow themselves to shout at each other, be aggressive or call each other names…Even when they argue, they argue from a position of “how to fix it” and not from a position of “how to prove myself right”. Rather than quarrel, they merely discuss things, instead of shouting – they talk. There are boundaries that you just can’t cross, no matter what; love and respect should always reign in the relationship, even when two loving people have an argument. Happy couples try to fix all arguments quickly and they know how to forgive and forget. When they say “I’m sorry” – they mean it…

4) They never use manipulation

Often, in certain couples, women use lack of intimacy as a punishment. This is completely wrong. Happy couples do this bit differently. They never use intimacy as their weapon to manipulate their partner, because they know that it would never affect their intimacy for better. Happy couples avoid manipulative techniques, they talk, discuss things and find compromises in order to agree.

5) Partners in happy couples openly show/express their love toward each other

They never neglect expressing and showing their love, care and respect; partners in happy couples are generous on compliments and they always nourish and protect their love. They avoid doing things that upset their beloved and try to make their partner feel cared for and loved.

6) They know and respect each other’s needs

Two individuals will always stay two individuals, even after they get married; both of them have certain specific needs that the partner should know and respect: emotional needs, physical needs, spiritual needs, etc. Life becomes so much easier, when you know your partner and they know you, when you pay attention to what bothers the other person and you know what you can do to help them. Probably, your partner simply needs a little bit of personal space, when you know it, you won’t think that your partner neglects or ignores you, you won’t be upset that they don’t pay enough attention to you, you will simply know that they need to spend a little bit of time alone and this is totally ok.

7) Happy couples compliment each other often

How to be happy in a relationship? It’s easy! Make your special someone feel good! Partners in happy couples know how to express their feelings, they admire each other out loud. Compliment your partner, make them feel special, reminding him/her how much you love and cherish them.

8) They have fun together

Happy couples don’t forget to laugh and play. They take time to have fun and do cool things together, they try to make each other smile, as much as possible. A couple that laughs together has a lot more chances to stay together…Laughter can not only help you to overcome problems easier, but also, researches show that it can even prolong your life, at least, prolong your life together…

9) They have common goals and dreams

Common desires, goals and dreams unite two people in a couple and make them turn their steps to one and same direction.

10) Honesty

And finally, what solid, healthy relationship can you build without trust? Partners in happy couples definitely know about the importance of honesty, they know that once the trust is broken, it’s impossible to reestablish it again. Therefore, if you want that a solid and beautiful relationship with your partner, make honesty and love the foundation of your couple.

I hope you’ve found these relationship tips and love advices useful.

What are, on your opinion, some other secrets of how to be happy in a relationship? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay happy!