When I was in my teens, I was awfully worried about being obese.  I couldn’t even dare to remove my shirt (due to my over sized bust) in the foreplay session… This annoyed my boyfriend a lot.

Finally, the time had come when my boy friend demanded a sexual relationship. Dry humping was not working out anymore. So, 14 Feb was the date, when I promised him to give him his biggest surprise for the Valentine. I had 30 days exactly to be fit and perky.  I wanted to look as amazing as a porn star girl (the perfect 36-24-36).

I used to live on an apple the entire day. There were times when I used to starve and felt so miserable, but we know the fact “All Is Fair in Love and War”. Finally, 14 Feb had arrived (my love-making day)…But to my surprise, things were not the same which I expected for the day. I couldn’t get up from my bed, nor I could go for a shower, my hair was thinning, and I had developed dark circles. My parents were so terrified that they called the doctor, and I was on drips.

Looking good while you are naked isn’t a 20 day workout programme. Want to know the dark secret behind, for the perfect vital stat’s? Just read these 10 amazing tips and get sexier in no time.

1. No shortcut rule

Models, who claim to look sexy because of starving, are simply nonsense. How can you shed those extra kilos in a month? Remember, it takes years to gain that weight on… Honey.

2. Work out

Cardio is the best way to appear sexy, when you are naked. Your muscles will be toned and lean instead of expanding in the wrong direction.

3. Eat well

Eat well doesn’t mean you hog on burgers and pizza. Eat a healthy diet and go for small meals. And, if your friends tell you to stop eating… Stop hearing!!

4. Drink lots of water

Glowing skin makes any girl look hot, despite whatever complexion she has. The secret to a beautiful face does not lie in expensive cosmetics; it is by drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day. Also, water consumption prevents stretch marks on the body.

5. Love your body


Don’t weigh yourself every day. Don’t trust on scales. I would suggest you to use a measuring tape instead. You will start to love your body in no time.

6. Use accessories for your nudity

A lean body is not enough to define sexuality on bed. Accessorize your nakedness. Put on some light make up (it won’t satin your satin sheets). Wear big earrings and a bold lip balm.

7. Smell great

Fragrances stimulate your s8x life. When you make love, don’t forget to pat some drops of your favourite perfume on your most explored body parts. Don’t you want to add that extra pep in your sexual life?

8. Sexy lingerie

Now, who doesn’t want her man to go crazy on bed? A black thong with a satin bra will make him go nuts over you. Well, if not thong… Go for sexy underwear. And if nothing works… Undress your man and put on this t-shit.  A t-shirt is enough to reveal your thunder thighs.

9. Do the right moves

After you get rightly dressed up for the love making session, it’s time to arise your partner with your sensual moves. Switch on porn and do the same. Surprise him with unexpected moves.

10. Your s*x bed room

The kind of place you make out makes a huge impact on your s*x life. The kind of lights, bed sheets and colours you use plays an important part for a hot session. Use dim lights, satin bed sheets and soft music, to look sexy and hot.

So, If your friends tell you that they were on an orange diet for a month (to look s*xy)…. Do not trust them.

Get ready to spruce up your partner with your hot sizzling naked body on the bed. Remember, miracles don’t happen overnight. Be patient and get in shape, with the correct methods.