Shower s8x is one of a kind experience. It is unpredictable, horny and impulsive. But since the floor can be wet and slippery due to water and foam, you must be careful otherwise the whole experience might become uncomfortable and awkward.

Here are the quick easy tips, to have shower s8x and to fall in love all over again.

  • Lather up- In order to enjoy s8x completely, start on a nice note. Lather your partner up under a hot shower with a shampoo, shower gel or soap up to his/her neck. How hug one another sweetly and relax in his/her arms and rub the loofah on your partner’s back. If there’s enough space, the girl can sit on her guys lap and wrap herself around him. It will surely make you feel good, and the smooth and lathery bodies will definitely make everything sexier.


  • Give one another oral- It must be difficult to give your partner an oral if you’ve had a long difficult day. But, when you two are in the shower together, it gets very easy. Your body is supple, moist and fresh, which makes giving an oral a very simple task. And, you both can enjoy it totally.


  • Clean one another- lather your hands and run them all over your partner, specially the private areas. Scrub and finger your partner so that it arouses him/her. Also, you can even make use of a hand shower, or keep standing under the shower in order to stimulate your partner sexually.


  • Share the shower equally- Don’t neglect your partner while standing under the shower. Since it feels so relaxing and warm, you don’t want to get away from the water. In this situation, your partner will end up feeling uncomfortable and cold and will not like the entire experience.


  • Foreplay under the shower- Stand in front of the mirror and watch each other fondle one another. It will arouse you to a great extent and will be a great turn on. It will be like watching a movie wherein a sexy couple is making love to each other. Stand under the shower and kiss each other passionately. The sexy, wet, wild kisses will definitely make the experience more enjoyable.


  • Make use of towel- Spread the towel across the floor. It not only helps you avoid the cold floor, but also helps to avoid falling down or slipping. It even cushions your butt and knees.


  • Best positions for s8x- This one is very tricky. There are no best positions while under the shower and what will work for one might not be equally great for another. It all depends upon your choices, the space available in the washroom and how flexible you are. Some of the best positions to try out are the doggie style, and when you are facing each other under the shower. But, the most important point is to avoid falling down, and cramps, rest all positions would be fine.


  • Hold something steady- If you are not holding something strong, you might slip into the water causing more pain to yourself. And, since you will be having s8x on your mind that time, focusing on anything else will become difficult. Rest your body’s weight only against a wall and not on anything, which looks delicate and might break. And, remember to keep soap bars away and not lying on the floor because these will surely make you fall.


  • Don’t be too fast in changing positions- Shower s8x isn’t comfortable, but it sure is fun. And, works just the way a quickie does, meaning it will provide a great sexual high, but won’t be as warm as your bed. So, remember not to change your position too quickly. Continue making love in one position if it’s safe and comfortable and does not cause discomfort or cramps. If you try out too many positions together, you will completely ruin your mood and arousal, and you might undertake this experience again. Decide your favorite pose and stay with it.

You’ll definitely shower better if you take help from these wonderful tips, and give your partner a bath he’s never had before. Be prepared for a lot of fancy and wildness. You are sure to love it.