Weight loss process can be long and tiring, especially, when are after quick results. Well, best ways to lose weight are healthy ways! Appropriating certain new and healthy habits can not only help you lose weight, but also can make you feel more energetic and vibrant. Today, let’s talk about some useful healthy eating tips and “rules” for ladies and gentlemen trying to lose weight:

1) Chew your food thoroughly, no less than 25 times before swallowing, like this you will eat slower and your food will digest a lot easier and better.

2) Replace one meal every day with a healthy detoxifying smoothie, this will not only help you to lose weight, but also will help your digestive system work like it should. If this sounds too extreme for you, you can replace your one meal by healthy fresh smoothie only once every two days or every other day.

Here is an easy recipe of wonderful detoxifying smoothie – throw the following ingredients into your blender:
– 1 cup of parsley,
– 2 green chopped apples,
– 1 ripe banana,
– 1 cup of kale,
– Half of small sweet and juicy melon (if the melon is too small, you can add the whole one).
Optional: You can add some water and honey to your taste, but if the melon is sweet and juicy enough, skip adding water and honey.
This smoothie is not only detoxifying and packed with vitamins, but also is very tasty!

3) If you go to a party or a banquet, and you know that you will be “surrounded” by delicious and abundant food, eat 2 boiled eggs prior to going there; this tip will help you to eat less and you will feel stronger facing temptation of overeating.

4) Every day eat, at least, one dish prepared entirely from fresh vegetables, they are rich in fiber and vitamins, low in calories, therefore, this tip can efficiently help you to lose weight.

5) When you cut bread, sausages or cheese, try to cut thin slices (well,…thinner, than you would usually do), this way you will have the same taste and you will consume less calories…This trick will help you to effortlessly “deceive” your tummy!

6) Some say that one apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying is very true. Eating apples (or other fresh fruits rich in fiber) regularly can not only help you to keep your weight in check, but also boost the digestion process and enrich you with vitamins.

7) Never go for food shopping hungry, because if you do, you will be tempted to buy a lot more products that you actually need. Therefore, eat first, and then, go shopping.

8) Snack on dry fruits. When you feel hungry between your meals, you can eat couple of slices of dry apricot, apple or strawberry. Dry fruits will help you feel less hungry.

9) If you adore deserts and sweets, just like I do, try to replace your dessert by plain yogurt mixed mix honey and fresh fruits.The taste of your healthy sweet “delight” won’t be less amazing than cakes, but you will receive a lot more vitamins and a lot less calories. Try it! It’s wonderful!

10) Once or twice a month you can have a “a day of fresh smoothies”; it’s a day when you eat or, to to be more precise, drink smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables; you can also include plain water and green teas…on such a day you can easily lose about 500 grams of weight, but don’t do these kind of days often, because it’s not healthy.

11) Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before eating. Water will not only hydrate you from within, but also will reduce your feeling of hunger. Try it! It works!

12) Use smaller plates. This weight loss tip was shared so many times on this website already, but it’s still worth mentioning, because it’s extremely efficient! If you eat from smaller plates, you will naturally eat less and, thus, lose weight without even noticing it. But don’t exaggerate with portion’s reduction, you still need energy to live!

13) French eating habit. French people tend to have quite slim and fit figures, both men and women. They have a number of very specific eating habits and rituals that naturally and effortlessly help them stay in great shape. One of those habits is to eat salad with their meal or, even, after it. Salad helps to fill up the stomach, so that you will eat less food rich in calories and it also helps harmonize the digestion process.

14) And finally, eating more often, but smaller portions, will help boost your metabolism speed; therefore, try to eat, at least, about 5 times a day and drink plenty of water.

I hope you found it useful. Please feel free to share your own tips on how to lose weight easily and efficiently in the comments section below.

Stay beautiful!

Source: beautyandtips.com