What comes in your mind when you ponder about throwing a party at your abode? Cheesy tunes….free-flowing booze….a time to let your hair down….an opportunity to socialize! Well, hosting a bash at your dwell is not easy. You need to do a lot of preparations. As a host, you should be ready to handle any sort of chaotic situations.

Here are some tips to host a safe and enjoyable bash at your home.

1.  Have the Right People

A party becomes fabulous if enjoyed with the right people. Keep the party with your friends only. Create a Facebook page for it. Instead of keeping it public, make it invite-only, so that, only those friends that you want to be there can see it. You can also invite your guests by making personal calls to them.

2.  Keep the Combatants Apart

Sometimes, due to excessive intake of alcohol, your guests may start fighting over a small issue. Don’t take side of anyone involved; otherwise, it will add fuel to the fire. Keep the combatants away from each other and communicate to both of them, individually. Let them know that their conduct is creating an awkward situation and ruining the decorum of the party.

3.  Ensure Proper Seating and Food Arrangements

This is quite general when one of your friends joins the party with one of his/her friend, without informing you before. Be ready to combat the situation! Make some extra arrangements for food and seats for accommodating the new person.

4.  Deal with the Drunken Friend

Keep your friend away from more alcohol. Get them drinking water. Help them flushing out. Do not let your pal out of your sight. For preventing a mess up in the party, put them to bed. Get him/her home safely.

5.  Your Guests are Allergic to the Food You Are Serving

Sea food, peanuts, etc. are some of the foods; most of the people are allergic of. Never include these foods in your menu. If however, they still find the food allergic, quickly order the food of their choice. Do not let your guests do with just chips and salads.

6.  Guests Linger Over for a Long Time

After hosting a great bash, you would like to clear away the muddle and plunge into your bed. But, in case, some of your guests have decided to stay longer, what would you do? Instead of banging plates, making vulgar remarks or grumbling loudly, give them a clue by stopping the music and cleaning up the dishes.