“When are you settling down?” is the most dreaded question you hear the moment you touch mid-20s. Million of thoughts run through your mind in a flash, but few haunt you the most. “Am I not settled? Am I not earning six-figure monthly salary? What the heck was I doing for the last 22 years by slogging through school, college and post graduation?”

After a brief confusing deliberation in your head, you finally get a smile after cracking the meaning of settling down. Yes, you are right; it’s marrying a suitable girl. But now another BIG question haunts you, “how and where to find that girl?” Let’s not bang your head and see if this ready reckoner gives you a head start in the most important search of your life.

1. College/School: You must have heard the age old phrase, “Catch Them Young”. Why not start early? Why leave things for the last minute? It’s not a college assignment.

2. Temple: What kind of a girl are you looking for? If a seedhee saadhee gharwali who not only sacrifices her career, but also takes care of you and your family is in your mind, then the best option is to visit a temple near your home. No, I am not typecasting anyone but you will surely have a better chance of getting your dream girl. Though, you might get surprised to know that she is not looking for a seedha saadha boy for herself.

3. Bar/Disco: Are you confident enough? If yes, then do something different and ask her to buy you a drink at a bar. Many hearts beat for a confident man. But if you want to play safe then go traditional way of bankrolling her drinks. Only issue of going traditional is that you might end up bankrolling a lot of drinks before you get lucky.

4. Dance/Language Classes: Shake some leg and your brain and try Salsa or Spanish classes. But before you attend these classes, make sure to take private lessons to boast how easily you can pick them in group classes. Now, who doesn’t think highly of a smart man?

Shake some leg and your brain and try Salsa or Spanish classes. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

5. Bookstores/Book Exchange Clubs: You may not have a clue about the books, but make sure to ask her for a book recommendation from the book section she is trolling in.

6. Poetry Club: No, I am not smoking crack. A romantic heart and good sense of humour beat all other qualities of a man. Yes, I know you have no idea about poetry but I am sure you love long drives with your friends. So move your ass and take a long highway tour and just keep an eye for all the shayari written at the back of trucks. They will come handy in putting a smile on a girl’s face. Who can beat, “Dekh Mat Pagli Warna Pyar Ho Jayega”?

7. Solo Train Trips: What better way to get acquainted with a girl than a long train journey? But be a smart ass and get full information about the days when college girls usually take tours. Make sure to book your tickets for few alternate days and only board the train when you see some potential matches in the train booking chart pasted on the bogie door. Must dos; keep some good romantic movies in your laptop with few extra batteries. You never know train charging might blow your golden chance.

8. Social Media: Silly, you are generation Z. Why not take advantage of Social Media? Facebook, dating mobile apps and many websites are playing cupid these days, but remember it’s a double edged sword. With so many lovely friends/ex-girlfriends the truth about yourself will be out in open sooner than you think.

9. Marriage/Family Functions: You might have avoided marriage/family functions like a plague but imagine the endless possibilities you are missing. Why not to take a leap of faith? Also, keep in mind, not Salsa but Govinda style dance will come handy during these functions.

10. Gym: Are you running out of time and tired of trying one location at a time? Then how about yoga to weight training to pilates in a famous gym? Needless to say that check the timings when your prospects come to Gym but most importantly you should be in a pink of your health otherwise you might end up crashing your boat in this fishing expedition.

11. Speed Dating: I know you have tried everything and now the time is slipping out. Did you think of Speed Dating? It’s like a musical chair where you run, every 5 minutes, from one chair to another to meet different type of girls. But before you even try that, make sure you record your particulars in your Iphone to play it every 5 minutes. At least this will save your energy; you never know you might get lucky later.

Finally, don’t worry even if with all the efforts you are not able to crack the girl code. There is always a sure shot option – none other than your mommy. Don’t bother even if she thinks what a dumb I produced who cracked all competitive exams in a jiffy but failed miserably in the most important exam of his life.