Imagine if you are planning for a romantic dinner after your marriage and in the midst, your dear husband receives a phone call, he talks for a while and hungs up. He then says, it was my mother and asks you if you are really going out for a dinner that night or not. How would you feel?

There is no woman, who likes to be a second fiddle to her husband. You may enjoy the mother-son relationship between your husband and his mother while you are dating, but this no longer seems to be true.

Marriage is all about a commitment and bond, and partners expect them to have an upper hand in each other’s life. If you are going to marry a mama’s boy you need to be careful about certain things to see your love triangle work out. Marrying a mama’s boy is not a big problem that can be unsolved. Here are a few tips to deal with a mama’s boy before marrying him. Read on..

Remain players of the same team When it comes to your life, the decision of you and your husband’s should be the same. Plan all your family activities together. In case, your husband tries to rearrange the schedules according to his mother’s convenience, let him know you are not happy with it. Let him know your botherations.

A little sacrifice makes your marriage beautiful A little sacrifice is necessary to make your marriage fruitful. So take time out to visit each others’ families and spending time with them. Have a dinner with your mom-in-law once in a while, it may certainly make your husband happy.

Silence is the key It is true you may not be able to withstand all the qualities of your mother-in-law, but that doesn’t mean you should crib to your husband about that often. Try not to bring up her flaws in front of the mama’s boy. This may leave him uncomfortable. 

Stand up for yourself It is important that your husband discusses everything with you. If he continues to alter the dates and arrangements for his mother’s convenience even after knowing it hurts you, don’t excuse. Stand up for yourself. There is no point in being a third wheel in your marriage.

Keep a watch If your mother-in-law makes stupid comments on the dress you wear or your body fat, it is imperative that you put her in place. The best way to do this is to keep the nasty comments to yourself and staying mum to her remarks. Just walk away from that place. This will save the situation better.

Advice Dhada’s If your mom-in-law offers you useless and unwanted advices just acknowledge her advice. The next step is to make clear what you are going to do and finally thank her for her advice.

Marrying a mama’s boy is not that a big deal! There is no relationship without small misunderstandings, so fight for the right things. Above all, make your husband feel your love. Love him whole heartedly. Love can work wonders and once he begins to feel your heartfelt love, he will consider you worthy and turn to you. Make him realise your importance to him in his life and make him feel he is everything in your life. What more? He will always be yours!!