The build up of lime scale is a common problem in places where there is a high lime content in the water supply, however you will notice that the build up of this white substance in the shower that can be easily dealt with.

Removing lime scale can be achieved with a little hard work, some perseverance and a splash of vinegar! Alternatively, lime scale remover can also be found in most supermarkets, while some cloth or paper towels and a sponge will also be needed to remove lime buildup in the shower.

Method One

  • Using vinegar should be the first method you try, especially if it is just a light coating of lime scale in the shower. You can scrub the shower with a sponge soaked in vinegar. If, however, the substance is heavier; you can soak the shower itself in vinegar and let it bathe overnight. This should remove the heavy scale.
  • Soak the shower by saturating some paper towels and pasting them onto the walls of the shower. After the shower has had enough time with vinegar on it, scrub the walls clean again.


Method Two

  • If the scale is still too heavy to come off then you can use other ways to try and remove the lime buildup in the shower. Try some domestic lime scale remover. Again, use the paper towels to soak the walls and scrub down afterwards. Make sure to use rubber gloves while using these products and keep all windows and doors open to maximize ventilation.
  • These products can contain hazardous fumes and it’s best to take all necessary precautions when handling them. If you are really desperate you can resort to using a pumice stick which can be found in most home and garden stores. They are essentially lava stone that excels at scrubbing off lime scale. Be careful not to use it on scratch-able surfaces such as chrome.
  • Once you have removed the scale, make sure to wipe down the shower every time you use in order to prevent moisture on the wall and the chance for more scale to form.