Diamond or pearl? Jeans or saree? Within no time, a woman can take the decision. But, the case is different when it comes to picking the right guy for sharing your life, especially if you are in the middle of two guys to make a choice.

If you prefer a blind decision, you can go for a coin toss. If you are satisfied with the result, that means you really wanted that guy. If you want to toss the coin again, it is sure that you love the other guy more. 

Here the emotional factor plays the major role. But, if you want to be more practical to choose between two guys, you have to asses all the positives and negatives of the two men.

Finding the right person will help you stay away from the experience of regretting about the good qualities of the one you left. And, this is very important in maintaining a smooth relationship.

The degree of physical attraction is not enough to find your better half as there are many other factors that will determine the longevity of your relationship.

Look for some basic qualities, minimum requirements for maintaining a healthy relationship, and the similarity of lifestyle while you have to choose between two guys. Here are some tips that may help you to find the right one if you are torn between two lovers.

Know what you want: Try to point out the qualities that you are looking in a perfect partner. Now, see who among the two men matches each of your likes. This will be the best method to come to a conclusion when you are torn between two lovers. This will allow you to find who matches your likes more rather than checking which all qualities you will be offered by selecting one.

Comfort level: When you have to choose between two guys, the best idea is to check the comfort level. See with whom you can handle the relationship in the way you are. Consider all factors like trust, honesty, compassion, caring, kindness, safety, romance and respect before moving forward with a decision.

Spend enough time: Never make a sudden decision out of emotions. Take your own time to understand the guys well. Spending enough time with them will be the best way to know their likes and dislikes, their attitude towards a permanent relationship and their true love towards you.

Grade them: Consider all the positives and negatives of both the guys and grade them. Check to see who have more positives that will make the relationship smooth and flawless. Never ignore the negatives, sometimes they too matter in maintaining a relationship. So, the best idea is to grade them based on your opinion about a perfect relationship.

Know their family: A man who is born and brought up in a cultured family will certainly retain those family values in their life as well. So, when you have to choose between two guys, one of the best ideas is to know more about their family. Also, see who among them is more concerned about your family too.

Try these tips and make a good decision that will determine the quality of your future life.

Source: www.boldsky.com