In order to catch a cheating spouse online you will have to be very discreet about how you record their movements, using specific software that you can download online.

Coming to terms with the fact that a spouse may be cheating is a very difficult and stressful event. Before you try to catch a cheating spouse online you should prepare yourself for any confrontation that may occur once you find the evidence. If your worst fears are confirmed, try to take some time to digest the information and sort the evidence into short pieces of information that prove the infidelity. If you are married then, once you have got the evidence you need, you can contact an Austin divorce attorney to start your divorce process.

How to catch a cheating spouse online

  • Before you begin to investigate your spouse, you should be completely convinced that they are acting strangely and that they could be cheating. You should look out for any unusual behavior or major shifts in interests. If they lose interest in doing things together or seem distant, then try to find out why before coming to the conclusion that they are cheating. Have somewhere to write down and record their movements and new behavioral traits.
  • If they start coming home late, stay on the computer for longer hours, then ask them why and take note of the excuses given. It is likely that if they are cheating that the excuses given under pressure will be erratic and they will become agitated and irritated about having to give you an answer.
  • Once you feel that they are committing infedelity, then try to find out how they could be doing it. For the most part it is done in person, but often they can use the Internet to communicate with somebody they are cheating with. The advantage of trying to detect and catch a cheating spouse online is that there is a trail, history and way of tracking this.

How to catch a cheating spouse online

  • It can be very difficult to catch a cheating spouse online so you will have to avoid letting them know that you are trying to record their online activity. You will need to buy certain software to track what they are doing. There is computer monitoring software, known as keylogger, that you can install. This records all keystrokes that are used while your spouse is online, which will show all screenshots, instant chats, passwords, e-mails received and websites visited.
  • The information gathered can then be viewed discreetly later either on the same computer or from a remote location. However, be aware that if they are using their own computer, you cannot legally take this step to catch a cheating spouse online.