Feeling loved by someone is the best thing that can happen to you in this lifetime. To have someone care for you, protect you, pamper you and trust you is indeed a blessing.

Most people are in a relationship. Being in the relationship is not enough; you need to maintain the relationship. A relationship has immense number of feelings; care should be taken to maintain these feelings. 

Felling rejected is one of the most common feelings that you will feel in a relationship. The key reason for this is that you are feeling insecure. Insecurity spoils relationships. You may tend to create problems in your head and make it difficult even for the partner to live with you, even when there are actually no issues.

There are several reasons to feel insecure. The basic thing is that you are creating ideas that do not exist, basically due to bad experiences in the past. You tend to look at things through the negative angle and always find the wrong side of them.

This will only hurt the relationship more. One of the relationship tips to stop feeling insecure is to follow some ways which can help you stop feeling insecure. Here are a few relationship tips, which will help you have a better and more peaceful relationship.

Differentiate between imagination and reality

Self-assurance is one of the finest ways to stop feeling insecure. You need to have a clear difference as to what is the reality and what your imagination is. There are normal ebbs and flows in any relationship which you need to accept, being intimately close all the time is not normal. When you feel insecure, analyse the situation and understand whether you are imagining or not.

Over controlling

One of the premium relationship tips is that you should not be over controlling. Having the confidence that your partner loves you will put a lot of tension out of the relationship. You will not be able to handle everything in life, but the self-assurance that you have someone to love you to face all the problems will help handle your insecurity.

Breathing Space

You don’t need to be with your partner all the time just because you are in a relationship with that person. This will only suffocate you and your partner. This is one of the ways to stop feeling insecure. When you also have a life of your own, you will not be thinking about the relationships and its flaws and will not carry negative thoughts in your mind.

Mind Reading

One of the relationship tips is that you need to stop mind reading. This is mainly for the women, where they tend to think a lot and try to find out a lot of meaning about nothings. Women need to understand that men relax by not talking and that you don’t need to find various other meanings for it.

Comparing Relationships

Comparing your present relationships with that of the past or that with others is a quick route to get stressed in the relationship. To stop feeling insecure, enjoy your present relationship, see the positives of the relationship and work towards the future with the complete acceptance that this relationship will work and don’t doubt it one bit.

SOURCE: http://www.boldsky.com