Communication between you and your partner shouldn’t be strained, you should be open, say what you feel so you both can be on the same page.

But some things should never be said, that is because these things can affect your relationship in negative ways and eventually break it. Here are some of those things you should never utter to your man or woman.

You and your ex; Whatever worked with your ex or didn’t work with your ex shouldn’t be said to your present partner. Leave the past in the past, because really what happens when you do these things is that your partner becomes really angry and jealous and this is not healthy.

The Sxx; Of course, you can discuss what you want In the bedroom and what you aren’t comfortable with. But don’t tell your man, “your something is too small” or your woman, “You just sleep there like a log of wood”. Find a sensitive and nice way to convey whatever it is you are feeling.

You’re fat; No, No and No. this doesn’t work in anyway. Women especially don’t exactly feel comfortable hearing this from their men, it takes away their self confidence and replaces it with insecurity and hurt.

I need to spend time away from you; there is never a nice way to say this, you might think since you aren’t asking for space in the real sense, but have you considered how much it might hurt to hear your partner whom you love so much and love spending time with, tell you your presence is beginning to bore them?

by tomilola